Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese New Year (Eve - Day 9)

Reunion Dinner
This is first time ever we had our reunion dinner outside. Normally MIL insist to cook but this time she suggested to eat out….. maybe she too lazy to cook liao. So, we had buffet dinner at Essence, Imperial Hotel for a change instead of Chinese dinner. This is also the first time a big group of people get together which include moms, sis, god mother and god brothers at total of 20 people. It’s really a big and happy get together reunion dinner. Hopefully, next year we can have this again!!! Then went home early as hubby need to pray.

@ Essence, Imperial Hotel

Hubby praying on eve of CNY

CNY ~ Day 1
Wake up early, dressed up and went to in-law’s house, after that went to mom house and proceed to visit few relatives and had dinner at in-law’s house. That’s it for day one.

CNY ~ Day 2
This is supposed to goes back to mom house, but mom ‘n sis went to holiday at Pangkor Island, I wanted to follow along but hubby not agreed… so sad!! Anyway, is CNY do not want to argue with hubby. Visited few relatives, at night went to god mother house for dinner and went home quite early for packing as the following day we are going to Penang.

CNY ~ Day 3
Wake up early, had dim sum and proceed with our journey to Butterworth. Reached aunt house around 3pm. Weather so hot, hotter than KL, then we went to Sunway Carnival to shop for a while and had KFC there.

@ Sunway Carnival

CNY ~ Day 4
Visited few relatives in Butterworth, whole area jammed up due to road blocked for Le Tour De Langkawi. Luckily, we were just stuck up for few minutes only, and then around 3pm we went to Penang to visit my friend. Stay overnight in Penang at my aunt house and left my kids and maid at aunt house as hubby and me went for midnight movie at Gurney Plaza….. (such a long time we did not had a midnight movie)

Le Tour De Langkawi race

@ Gurney Drive

CNY~ Day 5
Still in Penang Island, decided to bring the kids to Bukit Bendera, but all tickets sold out gotto wait till 2 something for the rides up the hill, did not wait that long so we went to Batu Ferringhi. After that, we went back to Butterworth as there is still few relatives I have not visit.

@ Bayview Hotel Batu Ferringhi

CNY ~ Day 6
Prepared to go back to KL. Reached home around 4pm and take a rest after that went to in-law’s house for a dinner.

CNY ~ Day 7
Still on-leave, gotto wake up early coz need to sent Sebastian to kindy, he has been ponteng for two days and sent Sidney ‘n the maid to in-laws house. So, hubby and me can rest at home…. :) Later in the evening went to SIL house in Cheras Perdana, and then we had dinner at Mahkota Cheras.

@ Makhota Cheras

Lou Sang

CNY ~ Day 8
Still on-leave, but gotto wake up early too to send Sebastian to kindy. Later in the afternoon, pick up Sebastian personally (normally he follow school van) and went to mom house. After that we went to aunt house in Klang. Later at night we went to Jenjarom to visit the temple there, really a nice temple. And this day, many people especially Hokkien… Pai Tee Kong. And when the clock reach 12mn, everyone started to burnt firecracker and you can hear and see firecracker everywhere more as compared to eve of CNY. Anyway, this year we are not celebrate Valentine's Day, hubby just got me a present.

Dong Zen Temple in Jenjarom
Wishing tree in the temple

CNY ~ Day 9
Supposed to sent Sebastian to kindy, but can’t wake up as last night slept quite late. So, he ponteng school again…. : P. Then, we went to friend house in the afternoon.. stayed there quite long and playing poker, got won abit la…. :D. after that went for a dinner at restaurant nearby.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


May the new year be a whole new beginning for you & may you be blessed with joys all through....

GONG XI FA CAI...........

My "Ang" "Ang" Wardrobe

I seldom wear red; most of the color cloths in my wardrobe are black… hehehe… look thinner ma in dark color. So, this year the whole family will be wearing red…. ‘ang’ ‘ang’ on first day of CNY.

My blouse, bag 'n shoe

Hubby, Sebastian 'n Sidney blouse...


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