Friday, April 8, 2011


Just now got a call from Sebastian and his crying voice make my heart shank and soul disappear for a moment.  Then I quickly go to his school to check out what happen to him.  Luckily the distance from my office to his school is nearby can be reached within 15mins.

He told me that got had stomach ache and poo-ed on his pant because his music class teacher don’t allowed him to go toilet.  I brought Sebastian along to look for his music teacher but she’s not around.  I waited for 10mins but still can’t find her, and then I went to his class and speak to his classmates to check what exactly happen.  His classmates told me that this music teacher doesn’t allow any of the students go to toilet during her session.  What the heck man!!!  I went back to the office again, and still can’t find her, then another teacher approached me, I think she can sense my unhappiness and my hokkien me face, she is Penolong Pengetua.  Then I follow her to her office and tell her what exactly happen.  And this Penolong Pengetua told me that this teacher is like that, everytime do wrong thing but don’t admit and she still can be a teacher?  I told her I don’t care and I need an explanation from the teacher why she doesn’t allow the students to go to toilet?  Come on la… they a just a kids, how can you ask them to tahan till the session over and furthermore, Sebastian is having stomach ache.  I hope they can give me a good explanation after investigate it and I will demand for an apology from the music teach to my son.

Hello there....

Ohh…. I miss my blog so much! I haven’t touch it for so.. so.. long…. blame on my laziness.  I’ve been telling myself many times that I should keep this blog and continuously update it.

Sebastian is in Standard 2 now and exam is coming soon, I did not put him to tuition so I just do my best to coach him.  He has grown up so much now that I can’t carry him already.  I should have kick him to his room by now coz he still co-sleeping with us.. hehehehe

As for Sidney, she is in her final year of kindergarten and I’m so worried about her.  Teacher still complaining that she doesn’t want to speak up, even if she speak, teacher can’t hear what she trying to say until get her to repeat few times.

Just hope that both of them growth healthily.


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