Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I found blood stain...........

I finally send my TAI KAR CHEY (Big Sister) back to agent as I really can’t take it anymore. I’m trying to close one eye on her work she does, the black face she shown me, the ‘sigh’ sound I heard every time I asked her to do work and many more.

Today she sounded unsatisfactory when my MIL asked her to clean the floor where my kids dirty it when they eat and told MIL that she will clean it when she mop the floor. Then she talk to MIL at very high tone saying that she does not want to work anymore, so MIL called me and told me what happened. Immediately I called agent and him to bring her back else I do not know what will happen to her when I back home. Coz I cannot tahan anymore.

Later when I back in-law house I checked on her small bag that she brought to in-law house for shower and I found my house key, this house key was kept at in-law house. I really don’t know how long she kept this house key, did she pass to anyone to duplicate it or she is planning to runaway from in-law house and back to my house to get her stuff.

When I back home I quickly when to her room and dig her stuff, I can’t any of the thing that I lost which is money and watches. But I found something... blood stain in her diary and wrote “I LOVE YOU” and “LAS (her name) LOVE WWN (I think is her bf)” with her blood. Geli or not…. I can’t imagine further and I told hubby that we are lucky we are still alive here. Don’t whether she did put any of her blood in our drinking water or whatever la. Immediately I change all the drinking water, throw away the opened milk powder, throw away the knife (dunno whether she got use our knife to get the blood) and also scissors. Now, I remember why her hand and finger always on plaster. Yucckkkk!!! Don’t want to think further make me even sick.

I am so… so… so… relieve now, coz she is not here anymore, I want to live happily ever after, will update the pix of her blood stain tomorrow.

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