Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sidney's Day

Yesterday was Sidney’s birthday and also concert day but she was sick at the same time.  Luckily she was not cranky so we still going to her concert.

We celebrated her birthday at Look Out Point and at the same time there are few more people celebrated their birthday, it’s seem that quite number of people sharing the same birthday ^_^

It was so cooling up there and windy; maybe it’s too cold that both hubby and I fall sick. 

Not really a smooth day for all of us coz three people fall sick L


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Buying Second Car

At the moment we have one car only, so everyday hubby will send me to work.  Hubby intend to buy second car so by the time Sidney goes to primary school, I can send and pick them up from school.  It’s mean I might become SAHM… lol

Hubby and I went to test drive Toyota Camry, as hubby wanting to buy this car long time ago but due to budget constrain we have to put on hold first.  This is a nice car and for sure the auto repair of this luxury car will cost a bomb.   

To drive such a luxury car, we have to be alert especially when the car breaks down; at least we need to know the basic knowledge of the car function especially when the check engine light indicator turn on.  Then we have to reset it to fix the problem but let auto repair shop do it instead of DIY.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

NOT Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

When come to festivals, everyone is looking forward for gathering with friends and relatives where they sit down together and eat together and gossip together but not for me.

All these while, my dearest SIL n family joining us for dinner whatever festival we celebrated whether MIL cook or we go out makan-ing instead of her in-law. She told us that her MIL seldom cooks during festival even on eve of CNY. She has been eating together with us for many many years, lost count. I really don’t have any problem with it, the more the merrier ma…. Rite!

So, last night she came and joins us for dinner as usual. Hubby and I came home late around 7.30pm because we went to buy duck ‘kar liew’. This is requested by MIL and they love to eat duck, so upon reaching home, I saw SIL’s car and I asked hubby, will they start eating already without waiting for us? Hubby told me they won’t la, sure will wait for us one. Sure enough when I get down from the car, I saw them eating happily and I am very very upset and angry too. My unhappiness shown on my face while walking toward dining table and they said the kids are hungry. Yes, I wouldn’t mind if the kids are eating but you all adults are eating too. At least, have a courtesy to call us and tell us, right or not. We are not going shopping and purposely come home late and it’s only 7.30pm not that 8.30pm or 9.00pm.

This Mid-Autumn festival is not happy for me anyway… forget about it la!

When we reached home, that two monster can’t wait to play lantern, actually not the lantern that interest them… it’s the candles. They play happily and we have to clean their mess unhappily… hahahaha

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chicken Pox

School holidays are over and I’m back to routine, wake up early in the morning to prepare Sebastian and Sidney for school until next school holidays… lol

During the last school holidays we were supposed to going back to Penang but were called off as Sebastian infected with chicken pox. Luckily it was school holidays so he doesn’t have to skip classes for so many days… and today he went to school already.

So, we spent our school holidays staying at home watching TV, playing games and doing workbooks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sidney's Progress

A little worry about her progress especially in academic, till now she still seldom communication with her teacher and even classmates. She quite talkative when she at home, she talk to her brother, she talk to her daddy and me but why she act differently when she was outside.

When teacher scolded her, she just stared at her not even a single word from her mouth. She will play with her classmate just that she don’t talk. I really was scratching my head!!

She has another year in kindergarten and going to primary one in year 2012, she will be attending Chinese School. So, I really need to work harder to guide her accordingly. She doesn’t recognize word even a simple one such as one, two, three….. etc. Or maybe I actually pay lack attention to her becoz I’m too concentrating on Sebastian.

I have only two kids and I can’t pay attention to both of their school work at the same times. Haizz…. Maybe the problem came from me for not guiding Sidney in proper way and this make her slow in her progress.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm still around......

Yes.... I'm still around and i will be updating my blog today onwards. So, please support ya my blogger friends. ^_^


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