Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lookout Point

We went to Hulu Langat for our dinner today as suggested by hubby. Chinnee also had been there. I didn’t know it was the place that was mentioned by Chinnee until I get there. From my house it takes about 10 minutes drive, quite near though.

Not advisable to go on weekend, if do so, please go there early if you want to secure your parking at the top of the hill. Parking on top is very limited, or you may park your car at the bottom and climb the steep steps to the restaurant. Luckily we managed to find parking up there if not gotto do a bit of exercise.

There are about four restaurants which are Look Out Point, Gasoline Café, Bread & Olive Café and BBQ. Wanted to try Look Out Point but it was full so we headed to Gasoline Café instead.

Two of the restaurants up there

Sat at cubicle

Steak with satay sauce. hehehe... only shown one of our dinner coz mummy is very hungry oledi.

After dinner we went to Menara Tinjau to see the KL scenery

Walkway to the tower

I still find the KL scenery from my balcony even better. Sebastian was curious, he thought got something exciting to see at the top of tower, when we climb on top the tower just to see the scenery he was little bit upset. He said we can see this everyday at home... LOL!!!


Sebastian had taekwando exam last week. He woke up at a little moody but overall the exam went well. Today, Sebastian received his green belt as he had passed his exam. The examiner said Sebastian did very well except few of the pattern he need to practice more frequent.

Receiving his green belt from his master
Receiving his certificate (6th grade)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Missy Vain Pot @ 2yrs 7mths

Sidney is turning 2yrs and 7mth today and now stands at 91cm, weight 13kg. My last post about Sidney when she was at 27 months. See, mummy did not update about your progress for so long.

  • Very talkative and can put all words in a sentence but her conversation sometimes is not very clear, it’s may due to having her chut chut in her mouth while talking. She is diaper less in daytime but nighttime yet to train her.

  • Her character is totally different from Sebastian. She have her own way of doing thing, she will listen to you when she feel like it. Or else, she will just ignore you.

  • When talking to her or telling her what is right and what is wrong, she keep nodding her head thought she understand what am I telling her. For a seconds, turning around she do what I told her earlier not to do.

  • She is daddy girl, very attached to daddy; anything she wants she will only look for daddy coz mummy don’t give. Almost every night she will walk to our room and look for daddy to sleep with him so she will squeeze in between us. If daddy is outstation she will walk back to her room and sleep, don’t even want to sleep with mummy : (

  • She is jealous when daddy is hugging me or holding my hand. She will start to cry very loud and get his daddy attention and want daddy to carry her or holding her hand only.

My Missy Vain Pot………………..

School Holidays

Its school holidays for two weeks and the happiest one will be the kids. So, what is in my plan???

  • Already applied two days leave to accompany them which is the following week
  • Thursday will be going up hill for a day trip with my sis and the kiddos
  • Friday will bring them to Lake Garden, then Bird Park and follow by Butterfly Park
  • Saturday is PH will bring them to Water Park. Have not confirmed which water park to go. Ie. Sunway (sure crowded one), Desa (never been there) or Shah Alam (too far)
  • Sunday will bring Sebastian to watch Ironman, Sidney will be at my mum house, won’t bring Sidney along
  • Will get some workbook for Sebastian to do if not MIL will just put on TV for him to watch
  • Need to train Sebastian to write B, D, C and E coz he always write it reverse o.O

Although above is not a perfect plan but I hope Sebastian and Sidney will happy wherever I bring them. Hubby will not follow as he is very busy and furthermore that week he will be outstation.

So, this superwoman will gao dim everything!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family Vacations

I think many of you may have booked your trip to somewhere at very attractive rates or even a free seats since the two airlines is fighting with each other on low fares. I wanted to grab some free seats to Hong Kong again next year but all free seats have been taken up.

Then I planned for my local trip instead. I managed to grab free seats to Langkawi this end September and lower fares rates to KK next year. I wanted to get lowest fares to Langkawi or KK this coming school holidays or August school holidays but all seats offered are very expensive not worth paying. So, my boy got to ponteng school again this end September. I can still let him ponteng once a while but not when he goes to Primary One. :P

I’m also planning a trip to Pangkor Laut Resort for my ROM anniversary on 8 Aug 2008, only hubby and myself for 2nd honeymoon. But don’t know it will happen or not. Gotto discuss with hubby first. He is very busy nowadays and can’t make up his mind.

Happy long weekend!!!

Getting Better Now

Thanks a lot for all you advise.

I’m getting better now after blasted it out yesterday and today. So, from now on, I will not get involve on the maid issue again. They insist to get back the old maid, go ahead and please don’t come and complaint to me at the end of the day. That’s it.

I just got back home from company dinner and clubbing. Our company is organizing a Thank you / Appreciation Dinner at the hotel nearby our workplace. The buffet serving at the hotel is very lousy, although all foods look yummy but it’s tasteless except for the Char Kuay Teow. After dinner, few of our colleagues suggested to go for a drink, so I joined them since I still in bad mood at that moment. We went to Borneo Baruk Club behind the hotel where we had our dinner. The club is not crowded maybe it’s still early and abit boring in that club, maybe no leng jai…. LOL!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'M SO PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so pissed off!!! Really pissed off!!


Sorry for the bad mouthing…………..

Don’t know how to type the whole story out, a bit here and there, so I make it in point form instead

  • My maid is leaving this weekend and she have to pack her stuff
  • I had informed her about her departure date and let her call her parent to pick her up at the airport
  • Brought her to Carrefour to buy clothes for her parents, grandparents, brothers and sister in law, she had her one long list what she need to buy and she spend around RM500plus on clothing. Of course not paid by me, it’s her owned income.
  • She tell me she want to buy mobile phone, so I will bring her to shopping on Saturday for her last round of shopping
  • Not bad hor… this type of employer and I know I’m not supposed to inform her earlier but kesian her la……
  • So far I really don’t have any major problems with her and she did not cause anything problem to us too
  • All complaints about her mainly from your MOTHER IN LAW
  • SHE is the one who mentioned to hubby and me that she do not need maid anymore. Reason being is maid giving her so much of problems
  • When I decided to let her go back to Indonesia, my MOTHER IN LAW keep asking me whether I really do not need a maid
  • Every other days sure SHE ask me about whether I will be getting back the old maid
  • My BROTHER IN LAW told my mom that I do not need a maid but my MOTHER IN LAW needs it as she getting old now and can’t do so much of house work
  • Out of sudden my SISTER IN LAW called my hubby asking why I don’t want to keep the maid coz she still want to work with me (my maid is telling my SIL this today)
  • I was so mad when hubby told me about this, why everyone is so concerned and pointing the fingers to me. And I had argument with hubby on the phone about this matters while I was still in the office
  • Why can’t they tell me directly if they need maid, for sure I will get one if MOTHER IN LAW really cannot cope.
  • For once, MOTHER IN LAW did tell my mom that she does not need a maid if this maid is leaving, but now why SHE said different thing now. WHY?????????
  • I told hubby about his MUM character and the way she talked, sure hubby said that I’m very sensitive. AM I SENSITIVE??? Maybe yes… maybe no… I don’t know
  • Today, once step into MOTHER IN LAW house; SHE started to tell me that my maid told her she still wants to work with us. So, I told MOTHER IN LAW that will discuss this once I finish eating
  • Called maid, MOTHER IN LAW and hubby sitting together and talk about this matter, I did not go into very details as I just want to no the answer whether my maid still want to work with us. She said yes. So I asked her why she did not telling me earlier that she still want to work and keep on telling my MOTHER IN LAW, FATHER IN LAW, BROTHER IN LAW and SISTER IN LAW, are they paying your salary? No right, then what the heck you go and tell them.
  • I remember that I did ask her before whether she still want to continue working with me, and she said NO
  • So, did she brainwashed by someone?? Of coz the person is not me
  • I’m very confused, mad, pissed off with all these.

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's my birthday........

It’s my birthday today and thanks Ling, Janice and Yenny for your early wishes ya. Later in the evening, will go for dinner with hubby and yet to decide on the venue. Still looking around.

I just have my wonderful lunch with my colleagues. Thanks ya!!!

Flower from hubby

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dinner @ Mid Valley

I’m so full now!!! Just came back from Mid Valley where I had dinner at Tony Roma’s with my buddies. Did not bring my kiddos along, left it with my mum so I can have a peaceful dinner without any yelling and pulling my hair. LOL!!! Oh ya… thanks for the dinner ya, buddies!!!

I’m going to turn 32 soon…… ya soon…… one more day, I’m turning 32, I just can’t wait!!! Hehehe…..

So, don’t know what hubby will get me for my birthday. He is a bit “kayu”… so I don’t think he will surprise me with anything, unless I tell him what I want. What he normally does is, just bring me out for dinner.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Hot Holiday @ Home

Today did not go anywhere; just stay at home the whole day. Wake up around 9.30am, prepared breakfast, and then my two kiddos wanna go swimming. So we happily changed their swimming attire and went do to the pool and found that the children pool was temporary closed and the big pool was so dirty.

Both of them upset so I changed the plan from swimming to cycling and they went to play at the playground while waiting for the maid to bring down the bicycle. And they happily play around.

After playing with bicycle then they continue with sand art, which I bought from Carrefour last night. Oh ya…. I also bought durian from Carrefour after seeing Miche’s kiddos had the durian. But the flesh was not good. Will go hunt it again later.

Chasing each other wif neighbour's kid

Sebastian happily cycling our neighour's bicycle

Sidney looks tiring cycling her bicycle

Playing with sand art

Sebastian so concerntrates on his masterpiece

Sebastian's masterpiece

Did I Strike??????

Thank Miche, for bringing traffic to my blog… LOL!!

I told Miche, if I really strike, I would go to Malacca and belanja her makan. I know she’s been waiting for it so eagerly that why she reminded me when we were chatting online.

So, I quickly logged into Magnum 4D, 1+3D and Toto, I scroll up and down, right and left to check on Miche’s car plate no. and I found this no. … 7 something something 8 at Toto’s website.




All “eaten” by these 4D companies if not I can bring Miche to eat Ikan Bakar her favourite.

Oh ya… her car plate no. is 7 something something 3. My betting money all gone..... I know Miche must be very heartsick coz she said better give her the betting money to wash her 1 inch of dirt on her old junk!!!


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