Friday, January 23, 2009


Hi my friends,

Wishing you all MOOney MOOney flows in the year of MOO MOO year!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today, after sending my kids to school and hubby to work, I became a delivery girl for a day and I’m willing to do it coz this is my first time I met them so I’m a bit nervous and my heart is pumping fast as if I’m meeting up my first love, LOL!!

This lady is very well known to all of you especially for bento lover, she is quite a established supplier of bento stuff, ya.. it’s Chooi Peng. This is my first time meeting her, we did not chat much coz I went there to collect my Pineapple Tart that I ordered from Miche. If I still remember, I think I only speak few word with her, ie. Hi, Thank you, Sorry to trouble you, Bye… ya… that it. Really paiseh ya, CP. Hope that we can have yum char session to talk more instead of these few words only. J

So, after collecting my thing from her, I proceed to second point where I would be meeting up another blogger mummy. She gave birth to twin baby boys and she is one of the supermom to me. Guess who?? Ya.. it’s Chinnee, really nice meeting you. You still look so sweet although you did not comb your hair, LOL! I tell you, her twin is really super cute, feel like wanna cubit them but don’t dare la… mummy is there watching. We had a nice chat together with her friend Audrey, really nice meeting you guys. Chinnee told me that today she will be baking, so I stayed a little longer doing KPC. After, she finished baking first round I’m about to go and I managed to take few of her cookies that she just baked. It’s really yummy!!

Thanks Chinnee for the cookies, also thanking CP’s colleague for bringing the tart all the way from Malacca and finally thanks Miche for the crunchy and extra ingredient of Pineapple Tarts, it’s yummilicious.

Sidney at school

Day 1
Wake them up and Sidney makes little fuss, she does not want to take shower. I pray so hard that she won’t make a big fuss in the school. When reaching the school, she still OK no crying and bring her to her class room. Her teacher greeted her and she started to cry, so I let go her and quickly walk out from the classroom, then the door closed. Still hear she crying and I take a peep on her, after few attempts of trying to console her, she finally stopped crying. Then I left and waited at in-law house. Seeing her get down from the school van happily and asked her whether she enjoying schooling or not. She nodded her head and said wanna go to school again. Oh ya… she came home without her panty coz she wet her panty, LOL!!

Day 2
She did not make a fuss but still refused to shower. She still happily walks to car and chatted non-stop with Sebastian till we reached school. She got down from the car and walks to school compound and takes out her shoe. By the time she goes into her classroom, she started to cry and asked me not to go. I told her I need to send daddy to work and will wait her at granny house. She still sobbing and do not want to let me go till the teacher came and console her again. I quickly sneak out when teacher talking to her and I take a peep on her before leaving the school. Her teacher switches on the CD and asked the kids to stand in front to dance and singing but I saw Sidney just stand still looking at the kids. Maybe she still feels awkward but she came home with happy face and wanted to go to school again. Luckily!

Day 3
So, today is my last of leave that I applied. Yup.. I applied three days to be with my girl incase she make a big fuss. Today, she happily wake up and tell me she want to shower, I’m so happy and praise her so in my mind I’m thinking that my girl must be very happy going to school and will stop crying. Reached her school, she take out her shoe and put on the rack, again refuse to go into her classroom. This time, she pulled my leg and do not want to let go and started to cry. Try to talk to her but failed so her teacher take over from there. I did not look at her and quickly walk out from the classroom. Sometimes really pity her, not even reach age 4 as she is year end baby, she has to go to school already. Hopefully by next week she will stop crying, must pray hard.

Refused me to take her photo... she walked out from our room

Her reluctant look at me taking her picture

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Orientation Day

Yesterday and today was an orientation day for Sidney but Sidney did not go to school, coz I didn’t bring her to school. To me I find that the school arrangement on the orientation was so out of plan. On Mon and Tue was 5yo & 6yo orientation day and Wed and Thu was 3yo & 4yo orientation, then Fri no school. After that on Mon, all start schooling together. In order for me not to struggle twice as I really do not know how would Sidney react in school, so I decided to start her on next Mon.

I have a talked with her last few days for few times telling her that she will start school soon. She nodded her and happily brings out her uniform and school bag to show me. I hope that she really prepared herself to school next week and hopefully I’ll not be struggling.

And I’ve also reminded Sebastian to take care of her sister while taking school van. Pray that everything will go smooth sailing next week. Wish me luck!!!


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