Thursday, June 28, 2007

Large Moveable Alphabets

This one also I curi idea from Leah, bought these files from Popular Bookstore. Really gotto pat on my own shoulder for all these hardwork. I think this take me about one month but yet to finish, still left the inside one which I have to cut out. Will pass this duty for my maid to cut. : )

See my hardwork below.....

Sandpaper Letter - Cursive

I got this idea from Leah and decided to make them. If you would to purchase this, it cost around US$55. So, I went to Tesco to look for sandpaper and it's only cost RM0.50 per piece and I'm yet to get the card board, still looking around. Hopefully by this weekend I can finish them and start to train Sebastian on cursive writting.

Below is what I have done so far.... opphhss... letter "p" is missing

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Primary School Registration

Am still thinking which school to register for Sebastian, I do not want Sebastian to waste his time on the road, rather in school or at home. I had a relative who stayed in USJ and sending his children to Chow Kit one of the well known Chinese Primary School everyday. Can you imagine wake up at 5am and leave home at 6am to avoid traffic jam and reach school around 7am, then by the time finished school plus those extra curriculum will be around 4pm and only reach home by 5pm. So pity the kids. *phew*

I’m still wondering whether I want to put him in well-known Chinese school or just a normal one will do. Being a kiasu mum like me, I want to give the best of the best to my children but on the other hand I do not want to pressure them too much.

Still got 9mths to think about which school to enroll him.......

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sidney @ 20mths

Sidney is now 20mths and she is very tomboyish. She will follow whatever Sebastian is doing from A to Z. The funniest part is whenever we want to take her picture she will open her leg wide.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This morning had two dumpling, one nyonya chang and one bak chang. My colleague's mom made it very nice especially the bak chang. Sorry did to take the pix coz too hungry already... : ) and I'm full until now, see going to be lunch time already.... and still full.

Tonight, MIL cooked my favourite dishes.... hmmmm... can't wait for dinner. See la... eat, eat, eat, how to loose weight. Everytime complaint put on weight, but hubby prefer me to look meatier, coz he don't like to hug chopstick..... hehehehehe

Anyway, wish you all Happy "Bak Chang" Day!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Parent's Day

Last Saturday was a Parent's Day at Sebastian kindy. I was there early, did not bring Sebastian along and have a chat with his class teacher. Overall, Sebastian is good but few things teacher brought up during the discussion.

  1. Sebastian lack of concentration when his teacher is teaching esp. when he is seated next to Nicholas. Nicholas is his best friend.
  2. When Sebastian finished his work(s) given by teacher, he will go around and disturbed (so called teaching) other classmates.
  3. One thing that make me really embarrasing is, the teacher told me that Sebastian will peek at her when she is wearing a skirt. Got what I mean!!! *slap head*
I have brought back Sebastian Art & Craft works and his workbook. I nearly fainted when I looked at his coloring. His is really bad in coloring and writting.



Friday, June 15, 2007

Childhood Obesity

I went to pasar malam @ Pandan Indah and saw this kid catches many ppl attention inlcuding myself. So, I quickly take out my camera phone and take a few pix of him and have a few word with his mother. Take ppl kids pix wor... at least ask permission first lor. He is only 16mths!! At first look, he is really cute and adorable but at second thought, i think this kid are very unhealthy. I think this is also becoz of his mum being overweight therefore he is at the risk of becoming overweight. So, who's to blame??? How to evaluate and treat obese children?

Shopping... Pt2

Just got back fr express shopping, as usual.... will automatically went to children dept first, and guess what did I bought??? ......... Fun Song Factory VCD. So cheap..... I went to Speedy last weekend and it's cost me around RM16.90 (if not mistaken). Isetan only sell it at RM14.90 and with 20% discount, if you are the member you will get additional 10% off... so total 30% and I save up to RM4.47 per CD!!!! Both Sebastian & Sidney luv this so much.... everytime when they watch this at Channel 63, they sing and dance along.

Did not get anything for myself....


Today have express lunch at my worskstation, asked my colleague to 'tar pau' porridge for me. Neh... nice bor. After this, go shopping at Isetan... it's a sales time for members 3-days only. So, go there look see look see...... anything to buy or not... yippies!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Branded Stuff

I love branded stuff and I crazy about it. Last year, I bought this branded watch and handbag to rewards myself. I sold off my ESOS and used part of the $$$ to buy this stuff and balance kept it for our family holidays coming Sept. Work so hard..... sometimes have to rewards ourself too ma....

So, next my target would be this handbag... one of my favourite brand.


Yesterday went for trial class with a bunch of my colleagues, very excited coz it was a first time for all of us. The guru teaches us the correct way of breathing... follow by blaa.. blaa.. blaa... I think I never been exercise for more than half decade eversince I left school. This morning when I wake up, my back muscle was pain but yesterday nite really have a good sleep. Really looking forward for the class next week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PD Trip

We went to PD trip with mum, sis and friends and were staying at Tiara Beach Hotel where we bought the voucher during the MATTA Fair. This trip really leave me with a unforgettable memory. This friend of mind has two boys one of them same age with Sebastian and they were playing very rough. Kids ma... so let them play and enjoy themselve lor.... I do not know how they play and what they play and suddenly I heard Sebastian was crying d*** loud like he was falling from the chair. We quickly ran to him and asked what happen.... he said that CY kick him on his face..... So I though nothing is serious as there is no bruises or red mark on his face. The next day when we going back to KL, we notice that Sebastian face was swollen and he had fever, so quickly brought him to see doctor. Luckily nothing is serious coz dr said he can still eat and talk. Few days later, the puffy face gone.... so "ker lian"...


Last weekend was at mum house with a horrible experience. It's raining at about 6pm and quite heavily for few hours. So, I told my hubby not to go back first and stayed for a while until the rain stopped. It was almost 9pm and it's still raining but not as heavy as earlier so asked my hubby to get the car first while waiting for us to packing. Once my hubby step down at ground floor (My mum was staying in five storey flat @ Jln Ipoh) and shouted, "It's flood!! Quickly come down". Me and my mum rushed to the balcony and saw the water rising very fast, so we ran down to get into the car but unfortunately we can't as the water rise very fast. So, my hubby had no choice to leave us at mum house and he drive further to higher ground. He ended up parked his car at Sentul, right opposite the Police Station. Only a few minutes the water level reach the waist and goes up to chest level. Phewwww..... luckily he escape fast, if we would to stay another 5 to 10 minutes, i think his car gone.....

Some phone taken from my mum house.... so unlucky those car can't escape

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lunch @ Sg Wang

Me & my coll went to this newly open cafe located at 3rd flr (if not mistaken), the ambience quite good, cooling and the food there quite nice. I had this Sweet & Sour Chicken rice, taste very good and it's cost me around RM13++ includes drink. Luckily, this was a belated (one month) birthday lunch by my colleagues, so I do not have to paid a penny. Yes.... FREE LUNCH!! Thank you AF & YY

This is what I had... yummy!! yummy!!


I know nothing about "Montessori" never ever really try to understand it until I went into Leah's blog. I remember one of my neighbour told me that she was sending her son to Montessori few years back and nothing is great as compared to normal kindy somemore the school fees is rather expensive. As time goes and happen to pop into MJ Forum and have a chat wif a mummy there talking about Child's Education and little by little I understand abit of Montessori. I have also bought a book recommended by Leah ~ How to Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way. I have yet to finish reading the book..... only few pages. I think by the time finish reading I will understand more and will apply this to my children.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Spiderman..... Pt2

Sebastian was a die hard fan for Spiderman, when we go pasarmalam, he saw this Spiderman costume hanging at one of the stall. His eyeball starting rolling to right side where I'm standing and pointing his finger at that costume and asking me, "Mummy, what is that?". I told him, "Ohhh.... it's a Spiderman costume". He was like has his feet glued on the floor where the stall is, and try to had eye contact with me that he like the costume very much. So, I told him, ok mummy will buy for you with the condition is, this costume is only for you to wear at home as a sleeping attire. He agreed. Now, he wear it every alternate day when it's drying. Don't know how long will it last. And I keep advised him that this attire does not look like the one in the movie that can make you fly or jump from wall to wall. Mana tau, he flying out from the window, thought himself is Spiderman after wearing the attire.


Sebastian my boy who is 4yrs old like to watch Spiderman very much, and i've bought DVD of these movie part 1 & 2. He keep watching again and again and again until he know what next. When the part 3 is releasing and promoting on TV and everywhere, Sebastian keep asking me when we will bring him to watch the movie. If not mistaken, it's was a Labour Day and I pandai pandai did not reserved the tickets as I normally will do. It's was a long holidays, tought everyone is outstation holidaying. First I went to Leisure Mall, it's all sold out fr 11am show to midnight show, those available is the front seat where you watch till your neck drop off. Then I proceed to Galaxy Ampang, thought that cinema won't be alot of ppl coz not everyone know about that place.
OMG.... the cinema pack of ppl and the Q was so long, then I Q and Q and Q until my turn and they told me left only front seat which I do not want and other session was sold out too. So, I told Sebastian maybe next time we watch, he insisted that he wanna watch as I promised him earlier. I got no choice (promise already ma) and keep looking for other cinema. My friend was in KLCC and I called her to help to check whether any tickets available while I'm on my way to Berjaya Times Square to check out. All SOLD OUT even Premier Class..... dunno what so great about this movie. I did not go to MidValley and for sure all must has been taken up and I continue my journey to The Curves as what my colleague told me there is several cinema at that area so should be easy to get tickets. Finally I got the tickets at 4pm show and the seat not bad. Can u imagine I came out from house at 11am to look for that stupid show tickets in KL territory and ended up in Selangor territory around 3pm.
Me, hubby and especially Sebastian really enjoyed the movie very much which taken almost half day to look for tickets.....

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tg. Sepat

Last Saturday went to Tg. Sepat after watching Taste with Jason (AEC) wif mum, sis, PIL, SIL and friends in three cars. Wake up early morning then proceed for breakfast "dim sum" @ Tmn Connaught. We starts our journey to Tg. Sepat at around 8am. We are using the Seremban Highway exit at Nilai and continue our journey until Sg. Pelek. Stop at Sg. Pelek at the 4D shop to buy lottery.... hehehehe..... $$$$$17mil$$$$$.... my colleague told me this place have numerous winner for lottery for past years. So try our luck there lo, see can be a millionaire or not. Continue driving and finally reached Tg. Sepat at around 10am and stopped at Lover's Bridge. Take a rest at beachside under the trees enjoying the breeze although the beach is dirty.
After ten fifteen minutes rest, we proceed with our first itinerary to Mushroom Farm, then Fish Ball shop (where mum buy plenty of stuff there, she say cheap wor compare to KL)and finally Tapioca biscuit factory. By then is around 1pm, everyone is hungry so, we had our lunch at one of the restaurant right behind the Lover's Bridge. There is three or four restaurants (can't recall), we tried the last restaurant, damn lot of ppl coz PH. We waited for more than hrs, and finally the food are served. Food there quite cheap we ordered fish, hey kor, tofu, two types of vege, pork rib and or chien for 12 adults & 4 children for 2 tables @ only RM99 per table. Cheap hor, mana cari. Last stopped was at the shop that selling pao very famous one, they are famous for mui choy pau and sang yoke pau. Luckily we ordered earlier, so hubby tried both paus and said so so oni. Going back to KL and reached home at 6pm, heavy rain.

Overall, everyone is happy and enjoyed thier short trip to Tg. Sepat........


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