Monday, July 6, 2009

1984 - 2009

It has been a month I didn’t updates my blog.

First, I have too many things on my mind but didn’t know what to write.

Secondly, I have many things to tell but didn’t know how to start. It’s all about my sister.

She gone for almost 2 weeks and I still miss her very much, I miss her sms, I miss her scolding, I miss her everything. I have a lot of thing to share with her, to tell her, to discuss with her and to fight with her. But all these are too late, when she is around, you don’t care much, you don’t talk much and you keep on fighting. It’s all too late now!! Not matter how hard you cry, how much you miss her, she won’t alive.

My youngest sister first diagnosed with cancer is at the age of 9+ and had her first operation in 1995 follow by chemo than relapse again in 2000 and her last operation was in 2006. Dr mentioned that there are no other options because there are multiple nodules (lumps of cancer cells) which are growing and which cannot be surgically removed anymore.

We tried many methods from Chinese sinseh to Indian Sifu for her to get heal. Whoever told us this sinseh good treated many cancer patients we tried until my sister getting tired of trying all the medicine.

Then she become very ill and admitted to hospital as she was collapse at home. I then rush home with hubby when mom’s called me as her hubby was at outstation that time. The moment I look at her seeing her unconscious look my tears start to drop non-stop. I keep on calling her name, check on her heartbeat.. her breath and she still alive, then I told hubby to quickly sent her to hospital. She was admitted to hospital on 26 May 2009 and never come home since then. Mom and my BIL takes turn to take care of her day and night and I travel to hospital everyday to see her. Day by day passed, she become weaker and weaker, Dr told us to prepare ourselves, get all her friends and relatives to visit her and get her son to accompany her everyday. The most regretted I was, the night before she decided to leave us. I am supposed to stay back at the hospital with my mom, BIL and aunt to take care of her but I did not coz I go home.

She finally passed on peacefully 21 Jun 2009 @ 9am in hospital leaving behind her beloved husband, Allan and son, Brandon. Her wake service was at Xiao En Centre and cremation at Nirvana Memorial Park.


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