Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fighting Issue Again

First they are fighting over the toys, then they fighting over the TV, after that they fighting over the books, they fight verbally……. and now they fight over the TOILET

Yes, they really fight over the TOILET. They fight which toilet they want to use, they fight who run faster to the toilet, they fight who get to use the toilet first, as if I only have one and only toilet in my house.

When Sebastian said he wanna poo poo, then Sidney will quickly ran over and said she wanna poo poo too. This cheeky girl will quickly push away her kor kor and sit on the toilet bowl and this poor kor kor had to go to another toilet to use. If the kor kor wanna ‘shee shee’ than this cheeky girl also wanna ‘shee shee’ and they start fighting. Haiz, these two monsters really make me crazy sometimes.

They can really fight… fight over anything and everything

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sebastian's Progress @ School

Today went to Sebastian kindergarten to collect his Progress Card and have chat with his teacher for a while. At least the teacher that taught him is the same not like previous year.

Teacher commented that Sebastian very talkative, whenever he finished his work, he will start to disturb his classmates. This is what teacher commented on his Progress Card “Sebastian is a diligent boy and has a positive learning attitude. He has shown improvement in all his work. Keep it up and Well done, Sebastian!

And, he is going to have his first Sports Day next month together with others branches. Looking forward to see what is her perform on the Sports Day.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

One Year Old

Yeah!! Yeah!! I am one…..

To those who came along and have been reading my blog, many thanks for your supports and please do come back to visit my one and only blog!

Nowadays, I’m not as active as before in updating my blog, but I promise I will keep it updates if not all the times at least once in a while, please don’t leave my blog alone ya….

Hoping to see you all around and support!!



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