Monday, August 27, 2007

School Holiday Fun!!

Last friday, brought Sebastian to Bread Making @ Marche, The Curve. He was so enjoyed!

@ Marche, The Curve
Doughs 'n Sausages
Preparing for bread making
Playing with the dough

Learned how to roll the dough
Rolling the dough

Cheese Roll
Onion Roll

Sausage Roll

After baking

See, my hardwork!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tag: 8 Random Fact About My Mummy....

My last tag was two weeks ago…. after so long waiting… finally got tagged from LovelyMummy, thanks ya!!

Here, 8 Random Fact About My Mummy….
1. My mummy married very young and gave birth to me at age of 19, my sister at age of 20 and the youngest sister at age of 26

2. My mummy is a great cook, but mummy is getting lazier and lazier and do not want to cook on weekend when we were at mummy house every weekend. Mummy cook everydays from Monday to Saturday (own business) so wanted to rest on Sunday… so sad!!

3. My mummy cane us when were young coz we were so naughty. But mummy reminds us not to cane her grandchildren wor…

4. My mummy cannot drive but can ride motorbike but none of us except the youngest sister dare to take the ride

5. My mummy stop schooling when mummy was standard 3 as grandparent cant’ afford and there are 9 of them

6. My mummy does not have stretch marks on her tummy, so “wat liut liut”.

7. My mummy aged 50 but mummy still wearing spaghetti strap

8. My mummy very impatient and bad temper

This time, no one to tag... as most of you mummies done already.... : )

Friday, August 17, 2007


Hubby not at home now, with his friend out there yum char after finished some business discussion. Go relax wor.....

He just called....
Hubby: Ehh... you changed your caller ringtone again arr...
Me: No arr.... still the same one arr... how long u din call me? (actually I've changed already, hubby wanted me to change for him too but I didn't... kekekekeke) : P
Hubby: Where the kids, sleep already?
Me: Ya... just slept
Hubby: Just now I went to Chinese Sinseh la. ... doing the hot cupping therephy and the sinseh said I got alot of wind la... so now my back got red marks
Me: Aiyah.... u afraid I suspect you go somewhere else and come back with red marks on your back izzit
Hubby: No la... since I called u mar tell u this lor.....
Both: *laughing*
Me: So, what time you come back?
Hubby: Later... you sleep first la... no need to wait for me.... good nite, muak muakks
Me: Ok.... good nite, muakks

Today is Friday supposed to go 'pak tor' one but hubby said he got some business discussion but hor... why still can go to sinseh there doing the therapy huh..... later come back must question him.... hehehehehe

Updates: This photo was taken yesterday when hubby had a nap......

Busy... Busy

These two days really busy at work... alot of my work still pending, wanted to finish it but my brain and my hand just don't cooperate. One word.... "LAZY"

When you are working... u feel like wanted to stop work and enjoy life at home with the kids. But when you were at home for few days or more.... you started to feel a little bit boring and wanted to go back to work. Why la... we cannot satisfied one hor??

And then you started to comparing this and that.... why some people stayed at home one so enjoying and we at work one so suffering (hehehe.... not really suffering la)

Music Class

It's already into four months that Sebastian attending the music class. So far he still enjoying and looking forward, but not really concentrate when teacher is teaching theory, as for playing the piano he is getting better and better.

I've bought piano for him about a month back, the keyboard type which cost around 500 bucks only as I do not want to buy the proper one first, afraid that he might not want to continue later on. Sekali, he come and tell me he want to play guitar.... *pengsan*

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


When you moved into your Home Sweet Home, you would wish to have nice and friendly neighbour. I've moved into my sweet home 7yrs ago and I'm lucky to have nice and friendly neighbour on the same floor we stayed but I'm unlucky too to have such an idiot neighbour one floor above us. That the problem when you stayed in condo.

This neighbour I've been arguing with her since she moved in, it's a aunties, few aunties staying together seldom see guy in there, maybe is their "Ku Por (old spinster) Home".

This aunty, whenever she washed the balcony floor she will pour the water all over and for sure the water will drip at our floor and others. Sometimes, me 'n my kids will sit at balcony during daytime to chit chatting, cutting their finger nails or enjoying the view and the water dripping from upper floor. I really hate this, can't she washed the floor properly, she think she the only one staying there izzit.... she think she only have balcony izzit... really piss me off. So, I went to her and scolded her like no one business. She apologies and and say it will never happen again.

Few weeks later, it's happen again, where hubby was standing at the balcony chatting on the phone and the water dripping. KNN... I went to her again but this time is different aunty, so I told her that you all stay in one roof no communication one izzit, again all the bullshitting she came out with.

After few peaceful day, no water dripping already but..... now dunno what the f*** she doing up there, you can hear the pulling table or chair sound not only daytime even middle of the night and it's everyday. Even the neighbour below us also can hear too. Can u imagine?

Now, whenever we bumped into each other in the lift, she dare not look at me or greet us.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lil' about Sidney

Name: Sidney, Xin Ning
Date of Birth: 23 Oct 2005
Birth Weight: 3.13kg
Current Weight: 12.5kg

Y She is now 1yrs 9mths 17days Y like singing Y luv to eat sweet Y luv shopping Y very cheeky Y

Sidney, you came in accidently but mummy really happy to had a precious gift from god. You are so adorable but a lil' of tomboyish. You follow what kor kor is doing, from A to Z. Everytime mummy hugs you, sure mummy will bites you coz you are so meaty, mummy so bad hor... : P
Mummy always love you.

@ 1st day of birth

@ 1mth

@ 3mths

@ 7mths

@ 1yrs

@ 1yrs 4mths

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lil' about Sebastian

Name: Sebastian, Xin Geng
Date of Birth: 6 Mar 2003
Birth Weight: 3.8kg
Current Weight: oppsss!! din weight him la... update later ya

Y He is now, 4 yrs old 5 mths and 2 days Y very talkative 'n asked alot of question now Y very naughty Y sometimes don't listen to mummy Y like to scream 'n cry Y luv chocolates ie. chocolate biscuit, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake..... (like mummy) Y kenot sit still Y like to dream Y very playful Y

Sebastian, you grow up just a blink, I know mummy always yelled at you, spanked you 'n u make mummy crazy coz u want attention from me. Whatever you do.... mummy still love you very much.

@ 3mths

@ 6mths

@ 12mths

@ 15mths

@ 20mths

@ 3yrs 1mths

@ 4yrs

Tag: Three Things About Me

Thank you my friend for this fun yet simple tag.

Three things that scare me
1. All types of worms
2. Midnight Calls
3. Blackout in the lift

Three people who make me laugh
1. My kids
2. Hubby
3. My niece

Three things I love
1. Shopping
2. Sleeping
3. Eating

Three things I hate
1. People who smoke (but sad to say hubby is a smoker :P)
2. People tell lies
3. Talk more than do

Three things I don’t understand
1. My company policy on promotions
2. Company doing well but increment 'n bonus so little
3. They talk bad about u but still can be so friendly in front of u

Three things on my desk
1. Laptop
2. Lotion
3. Mirror

Three things I am doing right now
1. Working while typing this tag
2. Talking to colleague on the phone
3. Reading newspaper

Three things I want to do before I die
1. Stopped working and be with family
2. Go for vacations with family
3. Update as many as possible on myself at this blog so my kids can read when they grown up about their mummy

Three things I can do
1. I can cook
2. I can dance
3. I can sleep whole day

Three things I can’t do
1. I can't sing
2. I can't swim
3. I can't do house chores

Three things I think you should listen to
1. Kid's complaint
2. Hubby's work pressure
3. Mom's advice

Three things you should never listen to
1. Office politics
2. Office gossipings
3. Third party

Three shows I watched as a kid
1. Ultraman
2. Transformer
3. Mickey Mouse

Three people I am tagging
1. Chinnee
2. MontessoriMum
3. VickyLow

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Workstation

I've been with this well known, public listed company for 7yrs. This company is located at golden triangle area, a few minutes walk to shopping malls, clubbing... etc. When I was young (am young now too...) I was so wanted to work in golden triangle area and start applying for a job here.

Then I sent in my application to apply for secretary job. I was called for an interview by this company for few times, first it was interview by the VP of Sales, then few weeks later I was called again for an interview by another VP of the other dept..... later on another AVP from Sales dept. too called me again for an interview. Gosh!!! as if I'm applying for GM post... called for so many interviews. Finally, I was offered a job there not as secretary.... nope not GM post.... but only as Event Executive.
See my workstation, you must think that we have a millennium office setup... but sad to say it's just an ordinary office setup with stain on the carpet and hole everywhere, even a "siew keong" (cockroaches)

My messy filing tray.....

Overview of our section....

You see the hole on the floor, where everytime my heel get stuck in there....

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Last week brought Sebastian 'n Sidney to swimming, we've paid for the maintenance for 7yrs 'n we hardly use the swimming pool, I think less than 10 times.

Sebastian 'n Sidney relaxing themselves in the pool

Sebastian is complaining Sidney don't want to let her leg down on the pool

Sidney so enjoyed!!

How can I Boost My Child's Immune System?

This also I get from the magazine to share with all mummies.

5-point Plan
Here are ways to make sure your child gets her normal share of infections at her age

  1. See if she is well and active in between episodes of infection, even though she may have lingering symptoms like a runny nose or cough that last longer than the usual
  2. Monitor your child's weight. It's a good sign if she gains weight steadily and does not get more than one bout of serious infection in a year
  3. Ensure she has a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes fruit and vegetables. Ask her what she likes too.
  4. Consider giving her a multivitamin supplement if she is fussy eater. Consult with your doctor
  5. She should get sufficient outdoor play and interaction, as keeping her indoors for fear of contracting more infections might just delay the process of building up immunity. Try introducing her to children her age who often engage in regular activities. Also look for parent-child programmes that allow you to bond with your child while keeping fit
Eight Dos & Dont's
Bear these in mind when helping your child fight the bugs and viruses
... ensure the child sleeps well every night
... see a doctor if her fever is persisten, recurrent of if there is poor weight gain
... try to get her back to daycare as soon as possible. It is usually good to do so once the fever has settled, unless your child has had an infection like hand, foot and mouth disease
... guarantee your child has been fully immunised, if you are uncertain, check with the doctor
... check that she washes her hands often at daycare and at home

... expose the child to cigarette smoke, as smoking in the home has been shown to increase schildren's susceptibility to colds, coughs, ear infections, sinus infections, wheezing and asthma
... expect to be given antibiotics for every episode of infection of fever, as the vast majority of childhood infections are due to viruses that don't respond to antibiotics
... stop the child from attending daycare if she has recovered. However, you may want to consider a smaller daycare group so there's also a smaller chances of exposure to children and strangers

Chaos Control

Saw below article on the magazine, and wanna share with all mummies.

Is your child often messy and scatter-brained? These strategies promise to get your child clean and organised in no time.

You can spot this child easily. He leaves a trial of crayons, slippers, books and even clothes wherever he goes. He also loses his pencil box all the time, and his bed looks like a war zone. As a parent, there's no need to despair or feel like it's your fault for not being strict enough. The truth is, some children (like adults) are more organised than others, while others are simply a mess. But if your child is indeed disorganised all the time, it is best to help him overcome his scatty habits immediately, as experts believe a lcak of organisation can affect self-esteem and academic success. Here's how:

At Home
Concentrate on fulfiling these four Rs, and you're off to a good start:
Routine: Set a certain time for him to do specific things. For instance, he can play his favourite computer game only after he bathes. Or he has to feed the hamsters before he can catch his beloved car racing TV programme.

Reminders: Post-it notes, with world like "wallet" and "water bottle" scribbled in big letters, will help him to remember the things he must bring. Stick these onto a notice board at the breakfast table or near the main door. Get him to stuff these items in his bag before going to school.

Rationale: Allow him to see the reasoning behind the order. This way, he will have a mental "place" of where things go and why. For example, ask him to figure out his clothes from head to toe. Get him to arrange his shirt, underwear, shorts and socks before he dresses up.

Returning: Note where he leaves his belongings. When he tells you he has "miplaced" the items, ask him where he last used them. Reinforce this message: Return the items to the source (where he took them from), sot hat they never get "lost".

Just Remember Not To:
Do The Task For Him. It may be faster, but he won't learn if you keep packing up and picking out his stuff for him

Issue Direct Orders. Use questions to jolt the memory. An order might go like this: "You ave P.E. tomorrow. Don't forget your P.E. T-shirt again, unless you want the teacher to punish you! Replace it with, "Have you checked our timetable for tomorrow? Have you got everything?"

With Homework
A calendar and colour codes are key:
Daily Time Table. Break up his schedule into time chunks. You can use orange for homework time (say, 45 minutes), followed by green for outdoors or rest time (15 minutes). If you're not at home to supervise the plan, get a simple wristwatch with an alarm. When the beep goes off everyday at the pre-set time, he'll know to start work then

Checklists. Get him into the habit of jotting down his homework in his school diary rather than committing tasks to memory. Check th ediary and come up with your own reward system if he lists the homework and does them. Or you could get a small notebook where he writes down personal reminders, like "Call mum at 2pm" as well.

Wall Planners. Set an example by marking out important dates, like birthdays and term breaks, on a wall calendar. Get anymore in the family to jot down key dates liek excursions, grandma's birthday or a holiday on it too.

Just Remember Not To:
Rush At The Last Minute. Dr Garret D Evans, associate professorof clinical psychology who writes for the University of Florida, advocates a checklist for the worst time of his day. For instance, if he's always rushing to catch the school bus, you both need to remind yourselves throught the list to turn onthe radio five minutes earlier than the time he needs to wake up. Come back again five minutes after the radio's been turned on to check up on him. See if he can meet all the requirements on his checklist on time, and if he needs mum's help.


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