Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fight Verbally

Both my kids fight a lot, for toys, TV, food and every single little thing they can really fight hard for it. Last night, to my surprise they fight verbally now, me and hubby can’t stop laughing when saw them fighting. Of coz we did not laugh in front of them, or else they will think we agreed on them fighting.

They were playing together and suddenly I heard
Sidney: I slapped your face!!
Sebastian: I slapped your face too!!

And they continue…
Sidney: I bite your buttock!!
Sebastian: I bite your buttock, too!!

Sidney is getting more irritating coz Sebastian follows what she said
Sidney: I use rotan to spank you!!
Sebastian: I use rotan to spank you, too!! (with his mischievous smile)

Both of them ran toward me, and complaining each other. Sometimes it’s funny when you see both of them fighting and sometimes they can really drive your nerve up.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sidney @ 27th Months

Y My dearest sweetheart turned 27months already, she now weight 13kg and stand at 95cm Y Very talkative and ask lots of question Y Able to read and recognize some of the words A to Z and 1 to 10 Y Can’t stop fighting with Sebastian over toys and books Y Successfully toilet trained for daytime Y She is a papa girl Y Still having pacifier with her Y

Sidney with her balloons she collected at birthday party

Sidney new hairstyle

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tag: The Most Extreme

Lately I’m a bit lazy to update my blog and there are few tags is still pending. This most extreme tag was from Pek Imm, first time tagged by her.

1. What’s your BIGGEST sin?

2. When’s your PROUDEST moment? Giving birth to Sebastian 'n Sidney although not naturally

3. What’s your GREATEST fear? Losing my family members

4. What’s your GREATEST love? $$$$$$$$ (so $$$ minder hor... )

5. Who is your GREATEST enemy? Worms

6. Who is your GREATEST love? My Family

7. What is your WILDEST dream? 36-24-36

8. When is the LOWEST point in your life? hhmmmm...... forgot la

9. Who is your favourite character in star wars? I don't watch Star Wars

10. What’s your New Year Resolution? Back to my pre-pregnancy weight

11. Which country would you like to retire in? My own country, coz I love the food here can't find anywhere else

12. Love, Money, Health. Which one will you give up? I won't give up all these

13. What is your BEST memory of 2007? Put on 6kg... good food and good sleep

14. What is your BIGGEST challenge? To wear back my size 'S' clothes and now i'm wearing size 'L'

KM hopes that she will find this tag in all her friends’ blog soon. “FRIENDS, JUST NEED TO TAG THREE PEOPLE AFTER YOU HAVE DONE THE TAG” KM will hop around and thank those who have passed her tag on … her FIRST tag. AND TO MAKE THIS MORE INTERESTING, THE ONE DOING THE TAG MUST ADD A NEW QUESTION TO THE LIST

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tag: Blogger of The World 2007/2008

My first tag of the year.... Dora, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for rewarding me such a wonderful award, this really gimme a whole new start.

And here, the reward goes to.......................
Chin Nee
Tot's Mom

Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm here...

It has been seven days since my last post…. I’m still here, just lazy to blog and don’t know what to write. My brain has been stop functioning since last year even at work, I think and I hope that my brain will start function again after CNY… LOL!!

Nothing much happen on first week of the year......

1 Jan
~ went to AE's twin (Aidan 'n Dylan) one year old birthday party, Sebastian 'n Sidney enjoying themselves and collected lots of ballon which I can open up a store to sell it.. LOL!! Hubby didn't go as he's not feeling well.... met up with some of my ex-coll and one of them is migrating to Aussie soon

2 Jan
~ Back to work but soul still wandering around...

3 Jan
~ On leave. First day of school reopen, luckily Sebastian not that moody, he wake up very early waiting for me to bathe him. Just a little upset of Sidney when seeing her kor kor went to school, crying for her kor kor coz no one fight and play with her.

4 Jan
~ Continue to work..... rain heavily in the evening on the way to Mid Valley after work to meet up with my best friends for makan makan at Chili's

5 Jan
~ Whole day stay at home... later in the evening went out for makan then went to Tesco Extra, scary seeing these people grabbing for oil

6 Jan
~ Went to my colleague's son - Ryan one year old birthday party then to mum's house and having my favourite food.... bak kut teh

That's how I spend my whole week.......


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