Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sidney's Progress

A little worry about her progress especially in academic, till now she still seldom communication with her teacher and even classmates. She quite talkative when she at home, she talk to her brother, she talk to her daddy and me but why she act differently when she was outside.

When teacher scolded her, she just stared at her not even a single word from her mouth. She will play with her classmate just that she don’t talk. I really was scratching my head!!

She has another year in kindergarten and going to primary one in year 2012, she will be attending Chinese School. So, I really need to work harder to guide her accordingly. She doesn’t recognize word even a simple one such as one, two, three….. etc. Or maybe I actually pay lack attention to her becoz I’m too concentrating on Sebastian.

I have only two kids and I can’t pay attention to both of their school work at the same times. Haizz…. Maybe the problem came from me for not guiding Sidney in proper way and this make her slow in her progress.


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