Sunday, September 28, 2008

Breakfast Bento #2

This is my 2nd creation of simple breakfast, they loved it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sebastian @ Kindie

My in-law was complaining to me that someone took Sebastian’s eraser not once but more than ten erasers gone with the wind. So when I reached home I asked Sebastian, where does all the erasers went to? He said that the girl sitting beside her took it and did not return it to him and this same girl taken most of his erasers. Then I asked him did he told his teacher about it, nope, coz teacher very fierce.

So, this morning I drop by the kindie and went into his class and when I stepped I saw his teacher was taking a nap, then I knocked the door and she quickly wake up. Don’t this a bad idea taking a nap in front of so many kids and some more in the classroom.

Then I told her what happen and at the same time that little girl walk into the class, so the teacher call her in front and asked her. She said no she did not take and teacher took her bag and check and found one eraser belong to Sebastian, and the rest of erasers don’t where it gone to.

After that, she explained to me why she talks very fierce to Sebastian. It’s because Sebastian’s very talkative, disturbed other kids when he finished his exercises, walking around in the classroom and some times disappeared from class when teacher walk out for 5mins and come and found him at toilet or other’s class *fainted*. Teacher told me that Sebastian is a smart boy he know what teacher is teaching him is just that he cannot sit still in one place and need to move around.

When her was in P1 his teacher telling me the same thing already, after he finished his exercises he likes to walk around and disturb his classmate. Now he is in P2 and he still doing the same thing. I wonder whether is this a sickness/hyperactive kid. Need to find out more.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last Weekend

Since my maid is here, although she is slow with her work but I got plenty of time with kids and hubby, furthermore, lesser yelling now, become more lovely mother and wife LOL!!

So, last weekend I prepared breakfast for kids and hubby, well for the kids one it’s a bit disappointed coz the eggs I’m using too small for the mould so it’s very deformed as well as the sausages is too huge so when I cut it, it’s like really out of shape. Well the kids like it so much and asked me to prepare again next time.

After the breakfast, they had Ribena ice pops which they waiting eagerly since Friday night. Then they had it again on Sunday which was mango flavour which I fresh squeeze from the mango I bought from supermarket.

They are looking forward for coming weekend to see what surprises I give them again LOL!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Tummy

Last weekend after Sebastian’s music class, we go shopping at 1U only him and me. Hubby was away overseas, and I left Sidney and maid at in-law house. So I can enjoy my shopping with Sebastian.

Was looking for swimsuit so I can wear it during our Langkawi trip this month end. While I was trying swimsuit with Sebastian together in the fitting room, he looked at me, as I was half naked only wear bra n panty.

Then he said “Mummy, why your tummy like old woman” he actually said it very loud in the fitting room, I really don’t know outside got people waiting but I asked him to lower his voice when talking to me in fitting room. At that moment, my heart sank and I just want to bang myself onto the wall. Uuuwaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I really wanna get rid of my sagging and ‘choa pei’ tummy. How????? Go for tummy tuck but I scare. Whatever is it from today onwards, I will watch out my diet and do more exercise.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Her 5th Day

Today is her 5th day with us and has a word with her. She is #3 among 5 siblings, the oldest aged 24 and youngest 13. She claims she is 21yrs old but gods know how old she is. To me she looks younger than that.

She still very slow with her works and sometimes very forgetful too, for example last night she wash our clothes then go ironing by the time finish almost 11pm plus and she go straight to sleep. So, before I go to sleep I went to check out her work and found out the clothes, which already washed still in washing machine. This morning I asked her why she did not hang the clothes, she told me forgot. Ok, never mind, still new, give her another chance.

Today, I drafted out the timetable for her and get it translated in bahasa Indonesia to make sure she understands. Gave her one-month to settle down everything and hopefully she would able to catch up all the housework by then without telling me forget this forget that.

Receiving Gold Card

A new blogger friend of mine Wirah rewarding me with this Blogging Friend Forever Gold Card. Thank you so much cutie mummy.

Here are the rules:

1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.
2. 4 of them are followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award

Here, would like to present this special GOLD CARD to Miche, Yenny, Michelle, Hui Sia, Chinnee and Serene.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maid is HERE!!!!

From today onwards, I will my legs shaking at home and pointing at what I want and ask the maid to get it for me, then you will see my buttock growing bigger and bigger.. LOL!!!

I no longer needs to sweep floor, mopping floor, washing toilet bowls, washing clothes, hanging clothes, save my $$ sending clothes to dobby for ironing and lots and lots more which I lost count.

She spoke very soft until I don’t know what she trying to tell me and need to ask her to repeat it many times. The first thing she do when she arrived at my home is folding clothes, which I’ve not touch for few days, almost reach Mount KK.

Both my kids very excited seeing her kakak and keep on calling kakak non-stop *pening kepala*. Sidney was asking my why our kakak look different after coming back from Indonesia, so, I told her that this is a new kakak and she happily accepted her.

I have not given her the schedule which she needs to follow as I want to briefed her first to make sure she understand what is her job scope. I repeated many times and show her what to do and how to do. Hope she really understand what I trying to tell her.

Today just a first day, there is more to come and hope that is a good one.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Tooth Dropped

Sebastian tooth finally dropped. I do not know how does it happen as at that time I was working. Hubby told me that he was eating char siu rice and his teeth dropped with little bleeding. No pulling by mum and no seeing dentist.

Now, his second tooth is shaking, so waiting for it to drop by itself.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shaky's Tooth

Last week Sebastian told me that his tooth is shaking and I just ignore him without checking it too. Last night he came to me again to shows his shaking teeth and I take a peep, then I saw two permanent lower permanent teeth coming out but the shaking ones yet to drop off.

Can u see there is actually two permanent teeth inside and the shaky's tooth on the outer part.

When I was young that time, my mom used to pull out my shaky tooth without visiting any dentist. But now, I dare not to extract Sebastian shaky teeth even hubby too. Maybe this weekend goes back to mom house and asks her to extract it or better to bring him to see dentist, yet to decide.


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