Friday, October 31, 2008

Football Fans

Must quickly go and tell hubby that Carlberg is launching a web-TV channel at so I don’t have to fight with hubby on TV. He is a football fan and with EPL around, especially on weekend, he will just stick on the TV, now I can kick him to the study room and watch web-tv. They comes with 5 channel which showing all aspect about football, so hubby can really enjoying himself in that cozy room since our internet line is unlimited usage one. LOL!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Additional Bento Stuff

See, what I have asked my sister to get for me in Daiso. Now, I got a lot of this ‘ka chang’ but I’m yet to do any proper bento for my kiddos. Blame on the laziness me; btw I have not got any lunch box yet, LOL!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Getaway

Hubby went to Bali with his colleagues for his company trip and I did not follow, thus I’m arranging my own family trip to Ipoh for 3D2N as it was a long weekend. We drove two cars from KL and one from Penang and the meeting point is Ipoh. I’ve rented three rooms apartment from a colleague of mine; the apartment is spacious enough to accommodate a dozen of us

On the first day we went to Lost World Tambun, it’s was pack of people, nothing much there, just waste of time and $$$. Then at night we went to Ipoh Old Town to have famous chicken rice and had a walked at pasar malam.

The next day my aunt planning to go Bukit Merah then back to Penang. We did not follow so we plan our itinerary. Out of sudden Cameron Highland popped up in my mind, so I get the direction how to go Cameron Highland from Ipoh. Reached there noon, went for lunch then went for some marketing, lot’s of people and jammed everywhere. By evening, we headed back to Ipoh.

The last day we wake up early check out from the apartment and went for dim sum at Ipoh Old Town then walk around that area to buy some biscuits and salted chicken. After that we start our journey to Tg. Tualang for the famous “Tai Tou Har” then back home.

For the whole journey, we are enjoying, excited and tired too. In my whole life, this was longest trip that I ever drove from KL to Ipoh, then to Cameron Highlands, after that to Tg. Tualang and finally back to KL.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


…. is turning THREE today

….. is so tomboyish

….. is very mischievous

….. is still on ‘chut-chut’ (pacifier)

….. is diaperless day and night

Happy Birthday
to our dear Sidney, the princess of our heart

..... who makes our world a whole lot brighter!!

..... who spreads so much happiness all around us!!

..... who filled our life with warmth and love!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Busy Saturday

Last Saturday we were celebrating Sidney birthday and at the same times Sebastian is having his kindie concert. Everything was so rush, luckily there is my mom, sister and in-law helping out.

Sebastian’s kindie concert was held at 4pm at Hulu Langat one of the private school and we have to send him to the venue by 2.30pm for the preparation and we parent was directed to canteen where refreshments was served, and of coz this school won’t be missed out the opportunity to introduce their facilities to the parents too.

The concert start on time and finished at 6.30pm, should have ask the permission from the teacher to let Sebastian leave earlier but this was not pop in my mind at that time. After collected Sebastian, we have rush home luckily from Hulu Langat back to our home not that far. By the time we reached home is about 7.30pm coz we went to collect Sidney’s birthday cake and everyone was started to eat.

Although we were so rush that day but everything seems to worth it coz of them ~ Sebastin n Sidney, my precious stone.


I received two awards from Serene, which are long overdue, sorry, ya… and Shirley. Thank you so much.

This was from Serene

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Friday, October 17, 2008

She had her ear pierced

Few more days Sidney is turning 3yrs old, so tomorrow we will be celebrating her birthday earlier at home with close family. I ordered Cupcakes from Alice but unfortunately she was not able to make it as she is not in town, she will only be coming to KL next week, thus I booked her earlier for Sebastian birthday next year Mar, hopefully she will be able to make it.

So, today I brought my missy vain pot to ear piercing, at first she was a bit skeptical, then I told her she will look very pretty when she had her ear pierced. She was convinced and follows me to jewelry shop to have her ear pierced. She seated quietly and let the promoter did whatever they wanted to do and once her ear got pierced, she cried out loud but just for a little while, then she started to run here and there already o.O

This are the earing that I bought yesterday when we were in Pavilion for lunch

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Bento Accessories

See what I got!! All these items I ordered from Chooi Peng. Can start playing masak-masak again this coming weekend.

Training Chopsticks fro Sebastian n Sidney
Food Picks

Sauce Container

Food Cups

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last Day (01.10) @ Langkawi

Luckily last day at Langkawi the weather is getting better no raining, partly cloudy. Managed to get into the pool and playing sand at beachside which they have been making noise since day one we reach here. After that we check out from the hotel and proceed to Cable car which I have also bought the entrance tickets during the fair. Quite disappointed, the hanging bridge was close for work progress and it was very misty can’t see anything from the top. Then we went to Kuah town again for lunch and jalan jalan, buy some chocolates, and precede our journey to airport to depart to Kuala Lumpur.

Reached LCCT and received a sms from my friend saying the news advise ppl not to go northern due to bad weather no island hopping and I’m back to my home sweet home, safe n sound.

Overall is a very relaxing holiday, we spent most of our time at the resort.

Day 2 (30.09) @ Langkawi

It’s was still raining so we can’t have outdoor activities so we went to Underwater World and Bird Paradise where I bought these entrance tickets during the Matta Fair. After went to these two places, no where else can go so we went back to resort and it’s still raining. So basically these two days we were in our resort and hopefully the last day in langkawi the weather is better coz we have to go to cable car.

Day 1 (29.09) @ Langkawi

This is first time we brought Sidney to take flight and abit worried coz don’t know whether she will be cranky, crying, yelling and luckily she did not make a big fuss. We reached Langkawi on time but the weather in Langkawi not well, its drizzling most of the time. Then we went to Kuah town to have lunch after that we headed to hotel for check-in. Did not go anywhere on the first day coz its raining, went to the beach for a while then to Jacuzzi pool. At night went to Kuah town to had dinner.


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