Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm back in one piece....

Wowwww…. It’s almost a month I did not touch my blog. I’ve been thinking whether I should stop blogging since my blogging bugs had gone missing, but I really em sey tak to leave my blogging world. So, decided to continue.

What happened during CNY? Beside go visit relatives, giving and collecting angpaos, we went to KK for holiday. This is the first time we did not going back to Penang, so lesser angpao for this year, LOL!!

We stayed at Le Meridien at KK, besides shopping we went to visit Manukan Island and Wildlife Park only. Very relaxing trip and the kids enjoyed it so much.

On Valentine’s Day
We went out for simple dining nearby our housing area. It’s Thai’s food. Didn’t receive any flower or gift from hubby so do hubby, economy no good ma… so cut cost lor.. hehehe

On last weekend
We went to Sunway Lagoon together with mum, sis, BIL, SIL and the kids. The voucher I bought is going to expired this week, so quickly make a trip there. We spent almost a day at Sunway Lagoon from 10am till 5.30pm. Really worth it hor!! The kids played till don’t want to go home and all got tanned included me which every time I went hiding when the sun found me.

On Maid
Again??? Ya… again!!! This maid really a problematic maid, I should have send her off earlier but now too late. Her permit is going to expired this Sept so am not going to renew her again. She used hubby phone to call her boyfriend, her sister and dunno who else in Indonesia and the bill come to 1.2k.

Let me explain further, hubby phone normally put at TV cabinet and charging overnight without switch it off. This has been practice since we moved into this lil’ nest. It never happens to first maid. She is really smart and pretend to be dumb dumb like what Chinnee said. She know how to use phone and know how to call to Indonesia, all the calls she made is from 5am – 7am before we wake up. Each day at least 10 calls, each call lasted 20mins. Can you imagine!!! The first call she made was on 18 Oct, one month after she arrived at our lil’ nest. She went on making calls for the month of Nov, Dec and Jan. Feb statement is not here yet, so I presume her still making calls in Feb (we just found out last two weeks). Funny rite, how come hubby did not realize it coz the phone billed to company, thus we didn’t know about it until hubby’s account person called hubby and questioned him. LOL!! And his company so generous to pay the phone bill which each month cost around 600bucks!! If we knew early, I would have sack her. So, immediately I called my agent and told him about it. He came over on Saturday, and what he did before asking her question, he slapped her twice and she burst out. The agent immediate pulled her out while she is cleaning my room and threatens her to bring her to police station. So, agent told me that he will bring her back to his office and question cum counseling her. When she came back, she apologies to us and told us she won’t make mistake again. Since then, her soul is back to her, no more dreaming AT THE MOMENT. Till today, she did her work well at least a bit better then previous. Minus off the phone bill she owes us, she goes home with less than 2k. Worth it??


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