Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Cheeky Girl II

My Cheeky Girl Fell Down

My cheeky girl just like tomboy, she follow exactly what Sebastian is doing *headache*. Last night she fell down from sofa at in-law house. While she was jumping on the sofa seats, Sebastian trips her and she fell down from the sofa and built a 'bungalow' for us. She cried for a while then starts to jump again. *sigh*

Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm getting new MAID

After the madness that I’m going thru for the past three weeks without maid, finally we have decided to get new maid. I’ve thinking for so long whether to get one or do it all by myself. I’m telling myself that I can do it even without maid, but I found out that my temper is getting bad to worst since the maid left.

I’ve been yelling from my room to the kitchen and from the store room to the bathroom just can’t stop yelling like a mad woman in the house. If you were to stay at the same condo with me, I think you could hear this mad woman yelling every night till 10pm when the monkeys go to sleep.

Even my hubby complain about me, he said he rather come home late than hearing me yelling like mad woman. So, can you imagine how worst am I?

Additional to my New Toys

Got this from my sis in Singapore, and still waiting for my order, which hopefully will reach me by next week. I just realized that I only get the accessories but yet to get the lunch box, wanna go online shopping again.

This Saturday will try to make cute breakfast for my kiddos, dunno what is their reaction when seeing all these cute thingy. Will they enjoy their cute breakfast?

Monday, July 21, 2008


Last Friday nite, I called her few times, she did not pick up my calls and she even switched off the phone. Then the next morning I tried again, and the phone totally off can’t even get thru. After that by noon when the flight departs from her kampong, I called up the airlines to check whether she did on board and NO… this passenger did not check-in, so I know the answer that she won’t be back.

After that I called up my agent to inform him that my maid did not turn up which she supposed to be and my agent told me that he will inform his agent in Indonesia to call my maid to reconfirm that she won’t be back so I can make a report to cancel her work permit… etc.

At the first place, if she knows that she won’t want to continue, why the heck she agreed to continue. If she told me she do not want to continue then she can have all her salary bank in to her. Such a stupid maid, rather lose the balance of her salary with me.

So, now I’m officially a maid to my beloved family.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Forgetful Mom, Forgetful Son

I’m really a forgetful mom and also wife, every time sure kena from hubby when he reminded me to remind him on some important thing. And I have one forgetful son at home too. o.O

For the past week since no maid I felt more absentminded. Every Thursday, Sebastian got gym class so he will wear his Sport’s wear. Last week he wore his school uniform coz I totally forgot and he only reminded me when we are on the way to his kindy and he ask me “Mummy, what day is today?” So, I told him “It’s Thursday”, and then he replied back “How come you din change Sport’s wear coz I got gym today”….. in my mind saying “Oh sh*t!!” and replied him “Oppss!! Sebastian, so sorry, mummy forgot about it, please explain to teacher saying mummy forgot already, ok!”

Today, it’s happen again, he asking me same question and I have same answered for him. Then he said “Mummy, why you every time forget… forget… forget one” O.O I told him that he also very forgetful and only told me at very last minutes.

Another incident happen last week, Sebastian reminded me to buy one fruit to bring to school as teacher wanna teach them on fruit. So, I said ok and I totally forgot about it until the following day on the way to In-law house, Sebastian quickly stand up and ask me did I buy fruit for him to bring to school? I silent for a second, and answer him that I’m going to market now and buy it, so I asked him what fruit he need to bring. He told me Papaya, so I ask hubby quickly make a turn to market to buy papaya. *pheewwwwww*

Hhmmm…. Need to ask hubby to buy Ginkgo for me already : P

Monday, July 14, 2008

Classes for Sebastian

Was informed by Sebastian’s instructor that she will organize the Tae Kwan Do tournament among her students. The dates have been confirmed and the venue will be at APIIT College, Bukit Jalil. Another even that I’m looking forward to beside his concert in the year-end.

Some of my friends and colleagues commented that am I getting too many activities for Sebastian, as he is only 5. I know I’m a KIASUMUM but I’ve also tried to limit those unnecessary activities. So far, Sebastian only attended Tae Kwan Do and Music Class, which is on weekend, is it too much for him?

First Time

Yesterday was our first time that we brought Sidney to watch movie at cinema. We went to 1U to watch Kung Fu Panda, I know it’s a bit late, however we managed to catch up the movie before its end.

I’m a bit sceptical at first, coz Sidney doesn’t like loud sound or music and she will start to cry and yell when these loud sounds played. And to my surprise she did it without showing any sign or scariness. She enjoyed the movie from beginning till the end except for those peed and pooed break.

So, we are looking forward for next movie and will definitely bring Sidney along. Gambateh!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

7 Days without Maid

It’s has been one week since my maid left to her kampong. Everything still under control, only thing that I’m yet to get it done is the ironing. I really hate ironing. I only iron half of our working cloths; hopefully tomorrow will get it done.

Hubby asked me whether I can manage if our maid did not come back on 19 Jul. I told hubby I can if our maid really did not turn up next Saturday and I told hubby not to worry about me, what he need to worry is her mum.

The more house work I do, the fastest I get to slim down rite… LOL!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My New Toys

Seeing so many mummies very into bento-ing now…. and make me wanna do for my kiddos too. I have bought few accessories when my sis went to Singapore but not many choices as most of the stuff they’re out of stock. I have also ordered some items from NST and yet to arrive, coz some items is pre-order item, therefore I have to wait.

So, hopefully this weekend I am hardworking enough to prepare cutie breakfast for my kiddos.

Happy Bento-ing……

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Part-Time Helper

Finally I got my part-time helper to lighten my housework. Although my part-time helper sometimes mess up my thing but they are really helpful. And the most important is I don’t have to pay a single cent. : P

Nicely clean up by my part-time helper
Nah.... my two helpers

Right shirt fold by me and left shirt fold by Sebastian, my part-time helper

So, I praise them for their good work, both so happy especially Sebastian. He is so proud. Later when I was in the room Sebastian running towards me and show me the milk that he make it himself. I’m so shock and told him nicely that he can’t go into the kitchen and make milk coz of the hot water. He got little bit of upset and I explain to him the reason. He nodded his head and had his milk.

Don’t how long does this last? Will he continue to help me on the clean up or mess up everything… LOL!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Call from maid

I reminded my maid to call me once she reaches her kampong. I waited the whole Saturday she did not call me and only call me on Sunday early in the morning. She told me the flight delays till 3.30pm only depart and she reached her kampong midnight.

Later in the afternoon I got two-missed call from her, the she called again in the evening. I pick up the call and she asked me the money that I TT to her when she will receive. So, I told her for the next two or three days depending on the bank efficiency. She asks whether I can send the balance of the money, which still with me coz her mom, owe someone 18mil IDR, I said NO.

I had a feeling that she do not want to come back so she want me to send back all the money so she give me all sort of reason. I told her no way and I hang up to the phone. So, now whether she wants to come back or not, I don’t care, I spent almost 2k to renew her passport and work permit and I’m not that stupid to send all the money back to her.

Whoever die also not my problem, BIG LIAR!!!

Sports Day

Sebastian’s Sports Day was held at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil together with others centre’s within Klang Valley. This is the first time we attend the Sports Day, so I am really excited about it. All the parents was so excited, once their kids marching all the parents run to the front to take pictures of their kids including me, so kiasu, LOL! And I managed to grab one seat at the front and left my in-law, hubby and Sidney behind, coz mummy wanna take picture of Sebastian so no choice, sorry ya, hubby!! :)

All these photos were taken from mummy’s phone a bit blur not those DSLR, so now looking forward the pictures / video from school.

A Hectic Saturday

Wake up early in the morning to prepare to send maid to airport and at the same time received sms saying flight retime from 10.55am to 2.55pm. Haiz… I have to reschedule my itinerary becoz of this stupid airline retime their flight. Instead of me n hubby going, I have to get in-law n the kiddos along, since Sebastian’s Sports Day is at 2pm. Reached airport went to check-in counter and her luggage was overweight by 11kg and has to pay RM165. So she paid for it then I went to money changer to get some IDR for her as a pocket money. Sidney was like koala bear stick to the maid and do not want to let go her. When her kakak went into the immigration, she cried so loud and everyone was looking at us as if I kidnap the little girl. So embarrassing…

So, quickly get out from LCCT and proceed to Bukit Jalil. We have to reach there by 1pm but with the jammed at Sg Besi we reached around 1.30pm. And their activities finished by 4pm then quickly rush home and take a rest before continue with another event.

Rush to visit my buddy as she just gave birth to baby boy but she was discharge from the hospital without informing me… o.O then from Bangsar we rush to Sri Petaling to attend hubby’s friend full moon party. We reached there around 8,30pm and all the food almost finished. Hubby managed to get a little bit of mee hoon, little bit of fried rice and few sticks of stay for four of us. The rest gone… and drinks also habis except for beer. O.O
Luckily I’m not that hungry at that time, so I told hubby that he stay at his friend’s full moon party and I’m going to my buddy house to see her baby.

Then, on the way back to my home sweet home. we tar pau supper and have a nice meals at home.

Friday, July 4, 2008

NO Maid for two weeks

As requested by ‘them’, hubby had renewed the working permit for ‘their’ maid. This maid will continue to work with ‘them’ or me for next two years. So, tomorrow our maid will flying back to her kampong for two weeks.

I’ve done all the checking of her stuff in her BIG LUGGAGE that she will be bringing home. I dig out the entire stuff in her bag including her bra n panty that she nicely folds and check every single clothes from top to bottom and every single part of her clothes in her bag. Nothing has been found. Now, the bag has been locked by me and the key will only give to her tomorrow. And her luggage is really really heavy… I think is much heavier than her. LOL!!

I’ve also told her that her luggage is overweight and she has to pay the extra charges. If not she think that I will be paying for her.

So, from tomorrow onwards I’m going to do the entire house cleaning from sweeping to mopping, washing to ironing and etc… etc.. etc.. Hubby reminded me to check with the maid on all the stuff she keep so I won’t be like looking up and down for the thing that we need to use later when she is not here. Haizz… as if I stayed in BIG BUNGALOW house that I can’t even find all the stuff that she kept.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sometimes when having conversation with your kids is really funny, the way they talk, and they way they ask question. Sometimes you will just stick there as we do not know how to answer their question which is just a simple question.

While I’m taking my shower n Sidney doing her ‘business’
Sidney: Mummy… why I got no nen nen geh? (She is comparing hers and mine) o.O
Mummy: Sidney will have it when you grown up

Sidney: Mummy… why u shower?
Mummy: Coz mummy just came back from work and body smelly
Sidney: Why your body smelly?
Mummy: Coz mummy work whole day and it’s hot outside
Sidney: Why outside so hot?
Mummy: Coz no rain that why is hot?

Sidney: Why no rain?
Mummy: ………………………..
Sidney: Mummy, where you buy the shampoo?
Mummy: At shopping mall
Sidney: Which shopping mall?
Mummy: Jusco
Sidney: Jusco arhhh….. I want to go Jusco
Mummy: ………………………..

And Sidney continues to ask so many questions till I finished shower. O.O


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