Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm back... I'm tired, I'm upset and I'm going again...

I’m back from company incentives trip. Total of 38 people going in two VIP coaches and we headed to Singapore. So, this year I’m not celebrating Dong Zhi with family for the first time.

I’m tired as I walked too much when we were in Singapore. As you know, if follow series tour, we have to get up early and back to hotel at late night. Although this is series tour but overall, this is very enjoyable tour, we really have fun there. On the first day we reach Singapore, we check-in into the hotel, then we rush to a short shopping at Bugis, as it was just a walking distance from the hotel we stayed. Then we met for dinner. After dinner, we were ferry to Orchard Road for heaven shopping. It was Saturday and the whole Orchard was so crowded, everywhere is people. Then we make our own arrangement back to hotel; so I called her and meet up with her. Second day, we went o Sentosa Island for a half-day tour and then proceed to our office at Sentosa for a short presentation on the resort. After that we headed to Singapore Flyer, then Duwk tour and finally open top bus ride. The last day, after lunch we headed back to our homeland.

I’m upset becoz my son not missed me at all. The three days away from home, I did not receive a call from them and I did not call home too, expensive ma!!! :P

I’m going again to Singapore this Friday as this was planned earlier before I gotto know that the company is organizing a incentives trip to Singapore. So, I go there twice and spend twice and the exchange rates 2x higher than us. Everything double up hah…. LOL!!

Last but not least, my family and me here to wish everyone here Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lack of confidence??

I realized that Sebastian lack of confidence when come to competition, the first competition he had was Taekwando competition held last month. It was OK when we were on the way to the venue and he himself looking forward for it too. When we reached the venue he still look happily until we stepped into the hall. He started to pull back and cried. I talked to him and console him then his teacher came and had a word with him too.

Then when come to his turn he do not want to stepped in and cried even the master and his friend console him and his teacher too go and get him vitagen to bribe him. It does not work, so I ran towards him and talk to him too and tell him that I’ll bring him to Mega Kidz if the stopped crying and go for the competition. I even told him you don’t have to win and I just want you to step in the fighting ring. I tried many methods to bribe him but it unsuccessful. So I gave up and told the teacher to disqualified him.

At that moment, I’m really disappointed not that he did not win, but he didn’t even go and try. The next day, we talked to him and asked him what is the reason he pull back, he told us that he scare and have lots people at that time, then hubby explains to Sebastian what does competition means and have a clear picture for him on the environment of the competition this and that. He nodded that he understand the terms of competition and promise that he will go ahead and won’t be scare anymore.

Then come to Piano competition last Saturday at his centre among the centre students only and closed door where few teachers as the judges and parents. They grouped into few groups and Sebastian was in second group and it’s consisted of 8 – 10 students. Again, we talked to him everyday and even the day before his competition for him to prepared. He looked happily and said to us he will understand and won’t scare. So, when we reached the centre that evening, he looks calm and ask lots of question, but when come to his turn where teacher ushers the students and parents to the room, he started to look nervous and can see tears in his eyes. Again, he pull back and told us he do not want to enter the competition. I can tell you at that moment, I am really angry and disappointed, I did not talk to him, I know I shouldn’t behave like that but I can’t control myself. I let hubby take over and I went out to take a deep breath.
Is he really lack of confidence but if really no confidence at all, he still performance perfectly during the concert time. What had made him act like this? I really have no idea and scratching my head now. Is there any classes to built up confidence or should I enter more and more competition for him to get rid of his fear inside him.


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