Friday, April 8, 2011


Just now got a call from Sebastian and his crying voice make my heart shank and soul disappear for a moment.  Then I quickly go to his school to check out what happen to him.  Luckily the distance from my office to his school is nearby can be reached within 15mins.

He told me that got had stomach ache and poo-ed on his pant because his music class teacher don’t allowed him to go toilet.  I brought Sebastian along to look for his music teacher but she’s not around.  I waited for 10mins but still can’t find her, and then I went to his class and speak to his classmates to check what exactly happen.  His classmates told me that this music teacher doesn’t allow any of the students go to toilet during her session.  What the heck man!!!  I went back to the office again, and still can’t find her, then another teacher approached me, I think she can sense my unhappiness and my hokkien me face, she is Penolong Pengetua.  Then I follow her to her office and tell her what exactly happen.  And this Penolong Pengetua told me that this teacher is like that, everytime do wrong thing but don’t admit and she still can be a teacher?  I told her I don’t care and I need an explanation from the teacher why she doesn’t allow the students to go to toilet?  Come on la… they a just a kids, how can you ask them to tahan till the session over and furthermore, Sebastian is having stomach ache.  I hope they can give me a good explanation after investigate it and I will demand for an apology from the music teach to my son.

Hello there....

Ohh…. I miss my blog so much! I haven’t touch it for so.. so.. long…. blame on my laziness.  I’ve been telling myself many times that I should keep this blog and continuously update it.

Sebastian is in Standard 2 now and exam is coming soon, I did not put him to tuition so I just do my best to coach him.  He has grown up so much now that I can’t carry him already.  I should have kick him to his room by now coz he still co-sleeping with us.. hehehehe

As for Sidney, she is in her final year of kindergarten and I’m so worried about her.  Teacher still complaining that she doesn’t want to speak up, even if she speak, teacher can’t hear what she trying to say until get her to repeat few times.

Just hope that both of them growth healthily.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sidney's Day

Yesterday was Sidney’s birthday and also concert day but she was sick at the same time.  Luckily she was not cranky so we still going to her concert.

We celebrated her birthday at Look Out Point and at the same time there are few more people celebrated their birthday, it’s seem that quite number of people sharing the same birthday ^_^

It was so cooling up there and windy; maybe it’s too cold that both hubby and I fall sick. 

Not really a smooth day for all of us coz three people fall sick L


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Buying Second Car

At the moment we have one car only, so everyday hubby will send me to work.  Hubby intend to buy second car so by the time Sidney goes to primary school, I can send and pick them up from school.  It’s mean I might become SAHM… lol

Hubby and I went to test drive Toyota Camry, as hubby wanting to buy this car long time ago but due to budget constrain we have to put on hold first.  This is a nice car and for sure the auto repair of this luxury car will cost a bomb.   

To drive such a luxury car, we have to be alert especially when the car breaks down; at least we need to know the basic knowledge of the car function especially when the check engine light indicator turn on.  Then we have to reset it to fix the problem but let auto repair shop do it instead of DIY.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

NOT Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

When come to festivals, everyone is looking forward for gathering with friends and relatives where they sit down together and eat together and gossip together but not for me.

All these while, my dearest SIL n family joining us for dinner whatever festival we celebrated whether MIL cook or we go out makan-ing instead of her in-law. She told us that her MIL seldom cooks during festival even on eve of CNY. She has been eating together with us for many many years, lost count. I really don’t have any problem with it, the more the merrier ma…. Rite!

So, last night she came and joins us for dinner as usual. Hubby and I came home late around 7.30pm because we went to buy duck ‘kar liew’. This is requested by MIL and they love to eat duck, so upon reaching home, I saw SIL’s car and I asked hubby, will they start eating already without waiting for us? Hubby told me they won’t la, sure will wait for us one. Sure enough when I get down from the car, I saw them eating happily and I am very very upset and angry too. My unhappiness shown on my face while walking toward dining table and they said the kids are hungry. Yes, I wouldn’t mind if the kids are eating but you all adults are eating too. At least, have a courtesy to call us and tell us, right or not. We are not going shopping and purposely come home late and it’s only 7.30pm not that 8.30pm or 9.00pm.

This Mid-Autumn festival is not happy for me anyway… forget about it la!

When we reached home, that two monster can’t wait to play lantern, actually not the lantern that interest them… it’s the candles. They play happily and we have to clean their mess unhappily… hahahaha

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chicken Pox

School holidays are over and I’m back to routine, wake up early in the morning to prepare Sebastian and Sidney for school until next school holidays… lol

During the last school holidays we were supposed to going back to Penang but were called off as Sebastian infected with chicken pox. Luckily it was school holidays so he doesn’t have to skip classes for so many days… and today he went to school already.

So, we spent our school holidays staying at home watching TV, playing games and doing workbooks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sidney's Progress

A little worry about her progress especially in academic, till now she still seldom communication with her teacher and even classmates. She quite talkative when she at home, she talk to her brother, she talk to her daddy and me but why she act differently when she was outside.

When teacher scolded her, she just stared at her not even a single word from her mouth. She will play with her classmate just that she don’t talk. I really was scratching my head!!

She has another year in kindergarten and going to primary one in year 2012, she will be attending Chinese School. So, I really need to work harder to guide her accordingly. She doesn’t recognize word even a simple one such as one, two, three….. etc. Or maybe I actually pay lack attention to her becoz I’m too concentrating on Sebastian.

I have only two kids and I can’t pay attention to both of their school work at the same times. Haizz…. Maybe the problem came from me for not guiding Sidney in proper way and this make her slow in her progress.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm still around......

Yes.... I'm still around and i will be updating my blog today onwards. So, please support ya my blogger friends. ^_^

Monday, July 6, 2009

1984 - 2009

It has been a month I didn’t updates my blog.

First, I have too many things on my mind but didn’t know what to write.

Secondly, I have many things to tell but didn’t know how to start. It’s all about my sister.

She gone for almost 2 weeks and I still miss her very much, I miss her sms, I miss her scolding, I miss her everything. I have a lot of thing to share with her, to tell her, to discuss with her and to fight with her. But all these are too late, when she is around, you don’t care much, you don’t talk much and you keep on fighting. It’s all too late now!! Not matter how hard you cry, how much you miss her, she won’t alive.

My youngest sister first diagnosed with cancer is at the age of 9+ and had her first operation in 1995 follow by chemo than relapse again in 2000 and her last operation was in 2006. Dr mentioned that there are no other options because there are multiple nodules (lumps of cancer cells) which are growing and which cannot be surgically removed anymore.

We tried many methods from Chinese sinseh to Indian Sifu for her to get heal. Whoever told us this sinseh good treated many cancer patients we tried until my sister getting tired of trying all the medicine.

Then she become very ill and admitted to hospital as she was collapse at home. I then rush home with hubby when mom’s called me as her hubby was at outstation that time. The moment I look at her seeing her unconscious look my tears start to drop non-stop. I keep on calling her name, check on her heartbeat.. her breath and she still alive, then I told hubby to quickly sent her to hospital. She was admitted to hospital on 26 May 2009 and never come home since then. Mom and my BIL takes turn to take care of her day and night and I travel to hospital everyday to see her. Day by day passed, she become weaker and weaker, Dr told us to prepare ourselves, get all her friends and relatives to visit her and get her son to accompany her everyday. The most regretted I was, the night before she decided to leave us. I am supposed to stay back at the hospital with my mom, BIL and aunt to take care of her but I did not coz I go home.

She finally passed on peacefully 21 Jun 2009 @ 9am in hospital leaving behind her beloved husband, Allan and son, Brandon. Her wake service was at Xiao En Centre and cremation at Nirvana Memorial Park.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I found blood stain...........

I finally send my TAI KAR CHEY (Big Sister) back to agent as I really can’t take it anymore. I’m trying to close one eye on her work she does, the black face she shown me, the ‘sigh’ sound I heard every time I asked her to do work and many more.

Today she sounded unsatisfactory when my MIL asked her to clean the floor where my kids dirty it when they eat and told MIL that she will clean it when she mop the floor. Then she talk to MIL at very high tone saying that she does not want to work anymore, so MIL called me and told me what happened. Immediately I called agent and him to bring her back else I do not know what will happen to her when I back home. Coz I cannot tahan anymore.

Later when I back in-law house I checked on her small bag that she brought to in-law house for shower and I found my house key, this house key was kept at in-law house. I really don’t know how long she kept this house key, did she pass to anyone to duplicate it or she is planning to runaway from in-law house and back to my house to get her stuff.

When I back home I quickly when to her room and dig her stuff, I can’t any of the thing that I lost which is money and watches. But I found something... blood stain in her diary and wrote “I LOVE YOU” and “LAS (her name) LOVE WWN (I think is her bf)” with her blood. Geli or not…. I can’t imagine further and I told hubby that we are lucky we are still alive here. Don’t whether she did put any of her blood in our drinking water or whatever la. Immediately I change all the drinking water, throw away the opened milk powder, throw away the knife (dunno whether she got use our knife to get the blood) and also scissors. Now, I remember why her hand and finger always on plaster. Yucckkkk!!! Don’t want to think further make me even sick.

I am so… so… so… relieve now, coz she is not here anymore, I want to live happily ever after, will update the pix of her blood stain tomorrow.

Photo updates:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sebastian teaching Sidney

Seeing impatience Sebastian teaching Sidney... so funny! Hubby said just like mummy... so impatience when teaching. LOL!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scratches on her face

It’s almost come to half a year that Sidney went to kindergarten. Her teacher commented that Sidney is very quite, never talk at all for the first few months, even going to toilet that is why she pees several times in the classroom.

Yesterday, I got a call from in-law saying that Sidney’s face got scratches, then late evening followed by a call from Sidney’s class teacher. She apologies for what happen to Sidney’s face and told me that this small little boy playing with Sidney and accidentally scratched her face. She said she did not realize it until she going to have reading with Sidney coz Sidney did not cry at all. I thought there were an assistant but how come the assistant did realize at all. Hhmmmm…..

Upon reaching home, I looked at Sidney’s face and the scratches quite bad tough. So, this morning I went to see her teacher and have a word with her, telling her to be more alert in the classroom.

Beside, I’m also asking how is Sidney performance so far. She said Sidney improved a lot from the day she steps in but still she does not talk. She only talks to the teacher when she wants to go toilet and reading time or singing. Other than that she will just keep quite and do whatever teacher is teaching her except she does not like go swimming and gym class. She will just stood there and watch. But at home she is talk but not very talkative and asks question too. It may due to languages we spoke at home ie. Mandarin and school they speak English. Hope to see a better results on her this year end.

Friday, May 8, 2009

From Sebastian

This lovely card was from Sebastian, thanks my dear son!

Awesome Mom

This weekend most of the restaurants will be fill-up due to Mother's Day celebration and am one of them celebrating with in-laws. Mom told us not to pack with others, so we will bring her out next week somewhere we could sit and chat happily.

This poem I browse thru web and would like to dedicate to all mummy and have a great celebration ahead!!

A mother's love
Is always true
It's all you need
To get you through

A mother's love
Can seem like hate
She's only tough
To keep you safe

A mother's love
Is always there
In simple ways
She'll show she cares

A mother's love
Can never compare
With anyone else's

A mother's love
Is here to stay
I love you, mom
Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's MY DAY.....

Today, it’s my day… the day I was born 33yrs ago. I remembered my mom jokingly told me that I should celebrate for her instead of me during my birthday coz that time she is at hospital struggling to get me out to this world. LOL!!! Thanks.. mummy!!

So, today I got lots of wishes from sms, FB, email, phone…. whatever communication that can get whole of me.. thanks everyone for your wishes!

I had a good lunch with my colleagues but I have to paid myself as they will only celebrate with me when my boss back on Thursday, late better than nothing, rite!! Hehehe… And I got a bouquet of flower from hubby, thanks hub!!

Just now, I happily go dinner with hubby, ya... only two of us without two monsters around, peaceful dinner huh! And happily hubby drove to the hotel for our dinner; I find something amiss but just walk hand in hand with hubby to the restaurant. The waitress shows us our seat we reserved earlier, upon seating, the waitress asking for the membership card to enjoy the 50% discount. I grab my handbag and look for my wallet…. OH SH*T!!!! My wallet missing, so I asked the waitress whether we still can enjoy the discount without the membership card, no.. no way coz it’s the procedure that I have to show them. Luckily the monorails station just a stone away from the hotel and I told hubby I will take monorail to office to checkout my wallet. Haizz.. what a forgetful wife that hubby had and really lucky that hubby don’t have to send me back to the office at this peak hour where the road pile up with cars. LOL!!

15mins later I returned to the restaurant with my wallet and show the waitress my membership.. oh ya.. and the complimentary cake as well. Half way enjoying the dinner, got a call from MIL saying that Sidney having fever and vomiting. Hubby quickly asked for the bill, gets our cake and rush home.

Although it’s a rushing dinner, forgetful wife and sick daughter at home, I will enjoy my birthday very much and I can still have many.. many.. many birthday to celebrate, rite!!

Complimentary cake from hotel

Flower from hubby

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Missed her field trip

Sidney having fever for the last few days and she is getting better now. She supposed to go for her very first field trip yesterday but due to her sickness, she missed it. A bit of disappointment coz I really wanted her to go, so have to wait for next round of field trip.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Backdated: Sebastian's Birthday

A little backdated post about Sebastian, he celebrated his 6th birthday on 6th Mar. We just went for makan-makan with in-laws and bought cake for him to celebrate at school.

He grown up so fast and I realize that I’m getting old edi. :)

Cake he insisted to buy to celebrate at school same like last year

Another cake we bought to celebrate at in-law house

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm back in one piece....

Wowwww…. It’s almost a month I did not touch my blog. I’ve been thinking whether I should stop blogging since my blogging bugs had gone missing, but I really em sey tak to leave my blogging world. So, decided to continue.

What happened during CNY? Beside go visit relatives, giving and collecting angpaos, we went to KK for holiday. This is the first time we did not going back to Penang, so lesser angpao for this year, LOL!!

We stayed at Le Meridien at KK, besides shopping we went to visit Manukan Island and Wildlife Park only. Very relaxing trip and the kids enjoyed it so much.

On Valentine’s Day
We went out for simple dining nearby our housing area. It’s Thai’s food. Didn’t receive any flower or gift from hubby so do hubby, economy no good ma… so cut cost lor.. hehehe

On last weekend
We went to Sunway Lagoon together with mum, sis, BIL, SIL and the kids. The voucher I bought is going to expired this week, so quickly make a trip there. We spent almost a day at Sunway Lagoon from 10am till 5.30pm. Really worth it hor!! The kids played till don’t want to go home and all got tanned included me which every time I went hiding when the sun found me.

On Maid
Again??? Ya… again!!! This maid really a problematic maid, I should have send her off earlier but now too late. Her permit is going to expired this Sept so am not going to renew her again. She used hubby phone to call her boyfriend, her sister and dunno who else in Indonesia and the bill come to 1.2k.

Let me explain further, hubby phone normally put at TV cabinet and charging overnight without switch it off. This has been practice since we moved into this lil’ nest. It never happens to first maid. She is really smart and pretend to be dumb dumb like what Chinnee said. She know how to use phone and know how to call to Indonesia, all the calls she made is from 5am – 7am before we wake up. Each day at least 10 calls, each call lasted 20mins. Can you imagine!!! The first call she made was on 18 Oct, one month after she arrived at our lil’ nest. She went on making calls for the month of Nov, Dec and Jan. Feb statement is not here yet, so I presume her still making calls in Feb (we just found out last two weeks). Funny rite, how come hubby did not realize it coz the phone billed to company, thus we didn’t know about it until hubby’s account person called hubby and questioned him. LOL!! And his company so generous to pay the phone bill which each month cost around 600bucks!! If we knew early, I would have sack her. So, immediately I called my agent and told him about it. He came over on Saturday, and what he did before asking her question, he slapped her twice and she burst out. The agent immediate pulled her out while she is cleaning my room and threatens her to bring her to police station. So, agent told me that he will bring her back to his office and question cum counseling her. When she came back, she apologies to us and told us she won’t make mistake again. Since then, her soul is back to her, no more dreaming AT THE MOMENT. Till today, she did her work well at least a bit better then previous. Minus off the phone bill she owes us, she goes home with less than 2k. Worth it??

Friday, January 23, 2009


Hi my friends,

Wishing you all MOOney MOOney flows in the year of MOO MOO year!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today, after sending my kids to school and hubby to work, I became a delivery girl for a day and I’m willing to do it coz this is my first time I met them so I’m a bit nervous and my heart is pumping fast as if I’m meeting up my first love, LOL!!

This lady is very well known to all of you especially for bento lover, she is quite a established supplier of bento stuff, ya.. it’s Chooi Peng. This is my first time meeting her, we did not chat much coz I went there to collect my Pineapple Tart that I ordered from Miche. If I still remember, I think I only speak few word with her, ie. Hi, Thank you, Sorry to trouble you, Bye… ya… that it. Really paiseh ya, CP. Hope that we can have yum char session to talk more instead of these few words only. J

So, after collecting my thing from her, I proceed to second point where I would be meeting up another blogger mummy. She gave birth to twin baby boys and she is one of the supermom to me. Guess who?? Ya.. it’s Chinnee, really nice meeting you. You still look so sweet although you did not comb your hair, LOL! I tell you, her twin is really super cute, feel like wanna cubit them but don’t dare la… mummy is there watching. We had a nice chat together with her friend Audrey, really nice meeting you guys. Chinnee told me that today she will be baking, so I stayed a little longer doing KPC. After, she finished baking first round I’m about to go and I managed to take few of her cookies that she just baked. It’s really yummy!!

Thanks Chinnee for the cookies, also thanking CP’s colleague for bringing the tart all the way from Malacca and finally thanks Miche for the crunchy and extra ingredient of Pineapple Tarts, it’s yummilicious.


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