Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sebastian teaching Sidney

Seeing impatience Sebastian teaching Sidney... so funny! Hubby said just like mummy... so impatience when teaching. LOL!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scratches on her face

It’s almost come to half a year that Sidney went to kindergarten. Her teacher commented that Sidney is very quite, never talk at all for the first few months, even going to toilet that is why she pees several times in the classroom.

Yesterday, I got a call from in-law saying that Sidney’s face got scratches, then late evening followed by a call from Sidney’s class teacher. She apologies for what happen to Sidney’s face and told me that this small little boy playing with Sidney and accidentally scratched her face. She said she did not realize it until she going to have reading with Sidney coz Sidney did not cry at all. I thought there were an assistant but how come the assistant did realize at all. Hhmmmm…..

Upon reaching home, I looked at Sidney’s face and the scratches quite bad tough. So, this morning I went to see her teacher and have a word with her, telling her to be more alert in the classroom.

Beside, I’m also asking how is Sidney performance so far. She said Sidney improved a lot from the day she steps in but still she does not talk. She only talks to the teacher when she wants to go toilet and reading time or singing. Other than that she will just keep quite and do whatever teacher is teaching her except she does not like go swimming and gym class. She will just stood there and watch. But at home she is talk but not very talkative and asks question too. It may due to languages we spoke at home ie. Mandarin and school they speak English. Hope to see a better results on her this year end.

Friday, May 8, 2009

From Sebastian

This lovely card was from Sebastian, thanks my dear son!

Awesome Mom

This weekend most of the restaurants will be fill-up due to Mother's Day celebration and am one of them celebrating with in-laws. Mom told us not to pack with others, so we will bring her out next week somewhere we could sit and chat happily.

This poem I browse thru web and would like to dedicate to all mummy and have a great celebration ahead!!

A mother's love
Is always true
It's all you need
To get you through

A mother's love
Can seem like hate
She's only tough
To keep you safe

A mother's love
Is always there
In simple ways
She'll show she cares

A mother's love
Can never compare
With anyone else's

A mother's love
Is here to stay
I love you, mom
Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's MY DAY.....

Today, it’s my day… the day I was born 33yrs ago. I remembered my mom jokingly told me that I should celebrate for her instead of me during my birthday coz that time she is at hospital struggling to get me out to this world. LOL!!! Thanks.. mummy!!

So, today I got lots of wishes from sms, FB, email, phone…. whatever communication that can get whole of me.. thanks everyone for your wishes!

I had a good lunch with my colleagues but I have to paid myself as they will only celebrate with me when my boss back on Thursday, late better than nothing, rite!! Hehehe… And I got a bouquet of flower from hubby, thanks hub!!

Just now, I happily go dinner with hubby, ya... only two of us without two monsters around, peaceful dinner huh! And happily hubby drove to the hotel for our dinner; I find something amiss but just walk hand in hand with hubby to the restaurant. The waitress shows us our seat we reserved earlier, upon seating, the waitress asking for the membership card to enjoy the 50% discount. I grab my handbag and look for my wallet…. OH SH*T!!!! My wallet missing, so I asked the waitress whether we still can enjoy the discount without the membership card, no.. no way coz it’s the procedure that I have to show them. Luckily the monorails station just a stone away from the hotel and I told hubby I will take monorail to office to checkout my wallet. Haizz.. what a forgetful wife that hubby had and really lucky that hubby don’t have to send me back to the office at this peak hour where the road pile up with cars. LOL!!

15mins later I returned to the restaurant with my wallet and show the waitress my membership.. oh ya.. and the complimentary cake as well. Half way enjoying the dinner, got a call from MIL saying that Sidney having fever and vomiting. Hubby quickly asked for the bill, gets our cake and rush home.

Although it’s a rushing dinner, forgetful wife and sick daughter at home, I will enjoy my birthday very much and I can still have many.. many.. many birthday to celebrate, rite!!

Complimentary cake from hotel

Flower from hubby


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