Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scratches on her face

It’s almost come to half a year that Sidney went to kindergarten. Her teacher commented that Sidney is very quite, never talk at all for the first few months, even going to toilet that is why she pees several times in the classroom.

Yesterday, I got a call from in-law saying that Sidney’s face got scratches, then late evening followed by a call from Sidney’s class teacher. She apologies for what happen to Sidney’s face and told me that this small little boy playing with Sidney and accidentally scratched her face. She said she did not realize it until she going to have reading with Sidney coz Sidney did not cry at all. I thought there were an assistant but how come the assistant did realize at all. Hhmmmm…..

Upon reaching home, I looked at Sidney’s face and the scratches quite bad tough. So, this morning I went to see her teacher and have a word with her, telling her to be more alert in the classroom.

Beside, I’m also asking how is Sidney performance so far. She said Sidney improved a lot from the day she steps in but still she does not talk. She only talks to the teacher when she wants to go toilet and reading time or singing. Other than that she will just keep quite and do whatever teacher is teaching her except she does not like go swimming and gym class. She will just stood there and watch. But at home she is talk but not very talkative and asks question too. It may due to languages we spoke at home ie. Mandarin and school they speak English. Hope to see a better results on her this year end.


Family First said...

Luckily did not kena her eyes! Maybe you can try speaking Eng at home to see if she can understand well and reply? Maybe she is really too shy?

Mamapumpkin said...

Oh dear.....poor thing.....I would have been so pissed! It better not have a scar or I'd be murdering someone. I tell you, sometimes these teachers, once they are bored with their job, they are not alert anymore. I've seen teachers yakking to each other instead of watching the kids.

Sasha Tan said...

omg that is terrible la.. askthe teacher to be more alert next time man. so poor thing.. *sayang* dun worry la. last time jayden also diam diam now he is like tai kor.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh poor sidney. was she afraid of going to school after that incident?

wen said...

poor girl. things like this happens in kindy all the time. teachers gotta be more alert.
did u ask her if she likes going to this kindy or not?

Chinneeq said... sharp one ah the boys nails :(

2ma said...

poor sidney! i hope all the scratches are gone by now

Lemonjude said...

Poor girl, hopefully the teacher keep an eye on the scratcher..

Irene said...

aiyor... hope the scratches are healed. poor thing.

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