Saturday, September 25, 2010

Buying Second Car

At the moment we have one car only, so everyday hubby will send me to work.  Hubby intend to buy second car so by the time Sidney goes to primary school, I can send and pick them up from school.  It’s mean I might become SAHM… lol

Hubby and I went to test drive Toyota Camry, as hubby wanting to buy this car long time ago but due to budget constrain we have to put on hold first.  This is a nice car and for sure the auto repair of this luxury car will cost a bomb.   

To drive such a luxury car, we have to be alert especially when the car breaks down; at least we need to know the basic knowledge of the car function especially when the check engine light indicator turn on.  Then we have to reset it to fix the problem but let auto repair shop do it instead of DIY.

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