Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello there....

Ohh…. I miss my blog so much! I haven’t touch it for so.. so.. long…. blame on my laziness.  I’ve been telling myself many times that I should keep this blog and continuously update it.

Sebastian is in Standard 2 now and exam is coming soon, I did not put him to tuition so I just do my best to coach him.  He has grown up so much now that I can’t carry him already.  I should have kick him to his room by now coz he still co-sleeping with us.. hehehehe

As for Sidney, she is in her final year of kindergarten and I’m so worried about her.  Teacher still complaining that she doesn’t want to speak up, even if she speak, teacher can’t hear what she trying to say until get her to repeat few times.

Just hope that both of them growth healthily.

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Chinneeq said...

Wah...siao jie, so surprise to see there is posting from your blog on my google reader ler! Definitely miss u a lot, plus your hotel room vouchers, hahaha!

Is sidney just like qiqi? Speak also like talking to the ants like that.


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